Tinkering: Attempting the “Impossible” Part 2 – Lindarets RoadLink Review

In our original post Attempting the “Impossible”, we demonstrated it was possible to take a medium cage rear derailleur, in our case a Shimano Ultegra Di2 6870 GS 11 speed unit, and use it successfully with a 40 tooth rear cog – 8 teeth above the manufacturer’s recommendation. This was followed up by a reader contribution from Thomas Aceves, who converted a Shimano 105 rear derailleur on the cheap, to shift a 40 tooth cog.

RoadLink Review 2015-1
Ultegra Di2 6870 GS

Our original Di2 configuration was tested on JOM’s Monster CX rig, which in reality is a Lynskey titanium mountain bike frame with road drop handlebars. What we didn’t think about, was the rear derailleur hanger on this bike was slightly longer when compared to your usual road or cyclocross frameset.

Why would this be a problem?

It became a problem when we attempted to use a Shimano XTR 11 speed M9000 cassette, the 11-40 version, with Dr. Pain’s Monster CX bicycle – a custom Quiring frameset equipped with a standard road length rear derailleur dropout. Front chainrings are 48 / 34.

No matter how we configured the rear derailleur B-screw; screwed all the way in, reversed, or a longer than standard B-screw, we simply could not prevent the largest 40 tooth cog on the cassette from making contact with the top rear derailleur pulley. Obviously this would not do.

RoadLink Review 2015-6
The “B” screw on your typical Shimano rear derailleur.

Lindarets RoadLink to the Rescue!


You’re probably asking yourself – what the hell is a Lindarets RoadLink? Simply put, this little gadget allows the use of wide-range cassettes with Shimano ten and eleven speed road drivetrains.

The RoadLink effectively lengthens the rear dropout, providing ample space for a derailleur to shift to cogs up to 40 teeth in size – on a road bike – or in our case, a custom Monster CX bike. Brilliant!

Lindarets provides detailed online instructions of the installation process. The RoadLink didn’t quite fit into our existing replaceable dropout hanger, but a bit of handiwork with a file corrected that issue.

We shared our findings with Lindarets, who are likely to make a tweak to future iterations of the RoadLink. Lindarets / Wolf Tooth based their design off Shimano’s specifications as you would expect – but sometimes, there are grey areas not documented. That’s where tinkering from the likes of the Gravel Cyclist crew come in handy :mrgreen:

So, does the RoadLink deliver as promised?

We ran the RoadLink through its paces with an XTR M9000 11-40 cassette, and an Ultegra 11-25 cassette – in both scenarios, absolutely perfect shifting with a double chainring, 48 / 34 rings. We successfully cross chained from the 48 tooth front chainring to the 36 tooth cog on the rear. We wouldn’t recommend using the 48 / 40 combination, but suspect a 46 tooth front chainring would pair just fine with a 40 tooth cog.

RoadLink Review 2015-2RoadLink Review 2015-3Per Lindarets compatibility notes, an 11-40 cassette is only supported using a single chainring configuration. We have proved otherwise. However, in no way are we condoning our actions, so please don’t blame us if you experience an equipment breakage! Don’t forget, you will need a longer chain. We removed one link from a new chain for perfect sizing.

RoadLink Review 2015-4RoadLink Review 2015-5As proof of our tinkering, please watch the short video below.

RoadLink is a fantastic product, USA made!, and solves a real problem – even if it is a first world problem 🙂 The Lindarets RoadLink is highly recommended!

Lindarets RoadLink

87 comments on “Tinkering: Attempting the “Impossible” Part 2 – Lindarets RoadLink Review

  1. Thanks for the review, guys!

    We have run into a few hangers since launch that are running a little bigger than Shimano’s spec. Happily, as JOM notes, it’s been easy enough to knock down the extra-long tangs on aluminum replacement hangers. If that’s not something that anyone is comfortable doing, we’re happy to offer a refund and we’ll be adding an easy measurement to the website shortly so that people can double-check before ordering. Thanks again!

    Marc Lindarets

  2. Nice review guys!
    We need to update our wording on 2x support. Because you have a slightly smaller big ring (48t vs the normal 50t on a compact) the 41t capacity of the Medium Cage rear derailleur can be stretched a little to meet the 29+14 = 43t of your 48/34 with 11/40 cassette drivetrain.

    Keep experimenting!

    1. i have a front chainrings of 46 36 rotor ovals and want to use the road link with a 40 cassettep also is 42 possible?

      1. Hey Paul,

        I don’t see why this wouldn’t work, but with everything, try it on the repair stand first. Be careful with the 46 x 40 combination… be sure you have enough chain.

        Good luck!

  3. Dear JOM the Wizzard,
    I have two left Campy brake/shift levers and am too cheap to
    buy the proper part.
    Can you help me cobble one into a right brake/shift lever?

    Also, in the old days if your Campy chainring wore out you could simply
    flip it.
    Is this like another new world order conspiracy?

  4. K-Dogg,
    Only a cheap, Florida heater entrepreneur, luddite would ever flip a Campy chainring. There are limits to what falls within the bounds of ingenuity. Outside those bounds are things like, cheap, stupid, etc.

    Dr. Pain

  5. As I suspected JOM and Dr Pain are the new world order.
    Be very afraid.

  6. Your tinkering reports are trully invaluable as I’m trying to decide on a build for my endurance/gravel bike. The only problem after this post is, I can’t quite decide whether I want to go this way or try the long-cage-105 hack!

  7. Would this work with a 11-42T? I’ve seen that it’s not supported but shouldn’t it work with a long 6870 RD?

    1. Hi Anders,

      We have it working with a 11-40. But, you should probably ask the manufacturer – Lindarets to see if it will work with a 42… to be honest, I think it will.


      1. Anders and JOM,

        While the RoadLink may allow an Ultegra rear derailleur to *clear* a 42, the result would be a top pulley so far from the bottom (10t or 11t) cog when in that gear that we can’t recommend it. Tooth engagement won’t be great and the pulley will be far enough away from the cassette that shifting would be (in our opinion) unacceptably vague. At this point, SRAM is your only good choice for a 10-42 cassette: the Force 1 long cage is specifically designed for that combination (with a single chainring). Sorry we don’t have a quick and dirty fix- but that would really stretch Shimano’s derailleurs too far beyond their intended use.

  8. Where does one find a 48T outer ring for an Ultegra compact double so that one can use an 11-40 cassette? (It appears that 11-40 is what’s available in both XT and XTR)

    1. Bill, I am using a Praxis 48T ring on one of my bikes – it works with the Dura-Ace compact crank (10 speed version). It also works with the 10 speed Ultegra crank.

  9. Any luck trying this out on a SRAM Force wifli to fit it to a 11-36 11-speed cassette? They’re pretty cheap; I was thinking of giving it a go just to see what happens.

    1. Hey Ron,

      Haven’t tried that combination, but I think it would work pretty well. Good luck – keep us posted!


    1. Vinny – that is an affirmative. I am using a short cage Ultegra Di2 10-speed derailleur with the RoadLink right now – and a 12-36 cassette. Shifting is PERFECT!

  10. hi,

    Im running “one by” with 34 on front and 11-40 at the back, I was able to clear the jockey on the 40t would that workout ok or do i still need this roadlink? currently I limit the RD to move to 35 rather than full 11 to 40.

    1. Angelo, it sounds like you may have no issues with your current configuration. But to be 100%, I recommend you contact Mark at Lindaret (maker of the RoadLink) to get his advice. As it is, the Roadlink is super cheap considering the huge advantage it provides.

  11. I had a similar problem on my wife’s road bike. The manuals state that her Dura Ace derailier will handle a 28 tooth but I still had contact issues even with a 27 tooth cog due to a short hanger. A very smart mechanic told me run the “B” screw upside down which was all it needed to make it possible to run without contacting the upper jockey wheel.

    1. Doug, thanks for chiming in! That works too, or a longer B screw. The Lindarets RoadLink is an elegant solution providing people with serious gearing choices without resorting to a new derailleur.

  12. I’m running a 11spd Dura Ace 9000 compact crank with either DA 9000/Ultegra 6870 Di2 short cage rear derailleurs on a Bianchi Infinito CV with a Wheels Mfg rear derailleur hangers. Am I correct in thinking that with the RoadLink bolted on I can now run an Ultegra 11-32T or an XT 11-34 cassette with really the only thing needed is a longer chain and some fine tuning of the Di2 shifting? Is there anything I’m missing? Do I need to sweat the cross chaining issue? Any info would be much appreciated.

    1. Hello Raizo,

      Yes, you are correct – a short cage Di2 rear derailleur will accommodate a 34 tooth big cog no worries – however, we have only tested a 34T and 36T cog in conjunction with 48 / 34 chainrings. You will need a slightly longer chain, and a little Di2 tweaking as you allude to.

      I would never run the big chainring / big cog combination – that can potentially put a massive load on the derailleur causing damage, with the possibility of breakage. A reader sent photos to me of a similar conversion. He ran a 46 / 34 chainring set with an 11-40 cassette; in the big / big combo, the derailleur spirng was under massive load and eventually failed.

      I hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for all the detailed info! Because 11-34T is only found in 10spd it seems I’ve settled on an 11-32T cogset. Would I be fine to use big/big or use the entire gear range with that paired with a compact (50/34) and the same chain length I was using for 11-28T?

        Thanks again for any info.

  13. Hi. Can anyone confirm from experience whether I can increase my cassette above 11-28T using a roadlink and the following set-up?

    50/34 compact on the front
    10spd Ultegra Di2

    thanks in advance. I cant yet find any evidence of success so far except with a smaller 48T big ring.


    1. Hi Clark,

      Without trying it first-hand, I think you’d be OK with an 11-32 – hypothetically an 11-36 may be OK, but there is no way I would EVER shift to the big chainring / big cog combination. On my 48 / 34 setup with an 11-36, I avoid cross chaining like that – 48 x 32 has been fine but even then I avoid the last two biggest cogs. Those sorts of gears can really put a lot of strain on the derailleur – so be careful.

      Above all, I reckon it would be in your best interest to email Lindarets themselves and pose this question.


      1. Thanks for your suggestions JOM, and I’ve taken your advice and sent an email to Lindarets to get their opinion.

        I find that with Di2 it’s unfortunately a little easier to fail to notice Big on Big cross-chaining, so I’d rather a set-up that is going to cope momentarily with my absent-mindedness in that regard if it happens!

  14. Such good ‘underground’ info here!

    My bike is a 2015 giant defy advanced pro 0. (ultegra di2 short cage, 50/34 chainrings).

    I changed the stock 11-28 for a 11-32 (just had to lengthen chain a touch). It’s still not low enough though (my 90kg can’t hold the 90+ cadence I want without putting out too much unsustainable power).

    I want to go to an 11-36. I will get the roadlink.

    Do you know what cassette I should use? Do you know the model number please 🙂

    Do you think this will work on my current short cage derailleur or will I need to go to a medium?

    Ideally, I would like to run the 11-28 for flat to moderate days then change to the 11-36 for climbing days with only a chain length swap each time (ie. each cassette will have it’s own chain and not to have to touch the derailleur).


    1. Michael,

      Sorry for the delay in replying!

      I used an 11-36 cassette with a Lindarets Roadlink during my trip to Australia earlier this year – and an Ultegra Di2 10-speed short cage derailleur. Absolute shifting perfection. The model number of the cassette is a SRAM PG1070, specifically the 11-36 model.

      I am heading to Taiwan soon for a non-gravel event that features a super difficult and long climb. For that ride, I am running an 11-40 Shimano XT 11-speed cassette, Lindarets Roadlink with an Ultegra 11 speed Di2 mid-cage derailleur.

      I shall report on my findings… I expect it will work well.

      Thanks for the question.

  15. Hey mate thanks for the reply. I thought the 11-40 xt cassette was the way to go for me as well, with the road link of course (I’ve got them both on the way). I’m going to try it on my ultegra di2 short cage derailleur and see how it goes. I’m a bit worried that if I get it good in big big it will not have enough chain take up in small small and the chain will foul on itself in the jockey wheel areas. I’ll report back here too. Cheers

    1. If you try the short cage derailleur, be very careful using the big chainring / big cog combination on the cassette – tread lightly on the repair stand. I received an email from a reader who tried that – I don’t have the photo at hand and can’t recall which Di2 derailleur he was running, but the spring was maxed out on rear derailleur with the big / big combination and hence, the derailleur completely failed. I think he was using a 50T big ring…

      1. Thanks for the tip mate. I put on the road link with my current 11-32 cassette 50/34 rings and short cage derailler and I could see there is no way I would get a chain length good for both the big big and small small with the 40-11 cassette. If I got it good in big big it would be way too loose in small small. I’ve ordered a mechanical mid/long cage ultegra derailler and I’m going to use the cage from that on my di2 ultegra derailler. So basically will be the exact same set up you mentioned. Wish me luck!

        1. Just wanted to report that the xt 11-40 cassette with roadlink and with long/medium cage (same thing) ultegra di2 6870 rear derailler works absolutely flawlessly (Giant defy advanced pro 0 2015). It only just makes it, but does not foul anything with the roadlink cranked right back and a little bit of packer (a zip tie in my case) to stop the derailler coming back down too far. I hope that makes sense. It’s so awesome having two lower gears after having an 11-32 on the back previously. I wasn’t any faster than usual but by the end of the day I was crushing my mate up climbs and he’s a much stronger rider and better climber, but I just had fresher legs from not grinding all day….

          1. Hi. Just reporting another success story. For a month now I have been running a very smooth ride with this combo:
            Ultegra Di2 10speed short cage RD with 50/34 on front. Now using a 11-32 cassette, using a roadlink. had to add a new chain with a few extra links , but the Lindarets instructions made it pretty simple, and I’m a relative newbie.
            Runs big-big combo just fine too, although i wouldn’t use it for long, just for the system stress it causes. Thanks to everyone for all the tips and experience left on here.

  16. Out of pure curiosity, would this work with a short cage derailleur? I want to run an 11-34 w. a 50-34 and it just so happens that there is a deal for a 105 Groupset (Shifters and Derailleurs) for under $200, but it only comes with a SS Rear Derailleur.

    1. I’ve used the following combination on my Ritchey Breakway with great success:

      48 / 34 rings, 11-36 10-speed cassette, Lindarets Roadlink with Ultegra Di2 short cage derailleur. Shifting perfection!

      Haven’t tried your configuration. If you go for it, be careful using the 50 with the biggest cog (34) on the cassette… I generally avoid cross chaining like this, or placing derailleurs under that sort of load. Make sure you have the chain cut to the right length.

      Good luck!

      1. Thanks, although I might go with a 32t cassette to (somewhat) alleviate cross chaining concerns. I’m currently running a triple with an 8 speed 11-32 and a GS derailleur. I want to change to a SS derailleur because of cost and I have heard that SS derailleurs are less prone to getting bent since they are lower profile. I don’t know if I’m paranoid or if there is some fact to that honestly….

  17. Will the roadlink work with a 48-32 sub-compact crankset and a 11-42 cassette? I’m using a tiagra 4700 GS derailleur. Would there be any potential drawbacks to using this combo with the roadlink? Thanks.

    1. Dave, we have not tried an 11-42 cassette with a road link. I’m afraid the best we can say is pay the $20 and tinker… but, I would totally avoid using the 48 / 42 combination. Definitely drop an email to the friendly folks at Lindaret with this question.


    2. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I would guess that a Tiagra mech wouldn’t be even slightly able to handle that big a spread… Good luck!

      1. Very late here, but still very relevant, there is probably no better road mech in existence, still today, to possibly make that work than precisely the Tiagra 4700 GS. Turning your nose up because of the price class is the wrong attitude. The tiagra 4700 GS uses an 11 speed pull ratio, and it has the largest sprocket tolerance of any Shimano road mech, 34t, matched now by 8000, and the largest capacity, 41t, unmatched by any other road derailleur. If there’s any mech that should on paper at least squeeze out 2 extra teeth AND a big front chainring, in 2020, that is still the one, short of using cable pull adapters and incompatible MTB mechs.

        1. I’m stoked this article continues to live on, despite the advances in technology since it was originally published. Thanks for your helpful contribution!

  18. will this roadlink work on a 8 speed cassette i have 53-39 chain rings and want to change my cassette to a 12-32 i have a shimano 600 derailleur.

    1. Hi Ronintank,

      I don’t see any reason why that combination wouldn’t work. However, I always suggest people drop a quick email to the folks at Lindaret / Wolftooth – they are very responsive and helpful with their replies.

      Good luck!

  19. Great review guys!
    I am looking into using a 11-40 cassette with a medium cage 105 RD and a 50t single ring up front, do you think this will work ok? I have seen replies saying a 48t may be pushing it but that was a double up front, the chain line would be better with a single. Was planning on trying the Roadlink, then saw the RD hack but might stick with the Roadlink for simplicity, what do you think?
    Thanks in advanced for your input!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Since this review was posted, I can confirm I have run the 11-40 XT cassette with a 48/34 chainring set – on a Ultegra Di2 mid-cage 11-speed rear derailleur – no worries whatsoever. However, you need to avoid using the 48-40 combination – that can really put a huge load on the rear derailleur, particularly if the chain isn’t sized correctly. So, try your 50 combination on the workstand first and be gentle with your gear shifting when you get to the bigger cogs. Let us know how it goes…

      Good luck!

  20. I have a 6870 GS with 11-40 cassette and 50-39 chainring, and the road link, and it shifts with no problems in every gears.

  21. Multipart Question (1) – I am looking to run an Ultra 6600GS (10 speed) paired with the new 11-40 SunRace MX cassette. I am currently running a 46/34 Chainring setup. Based on the #’s for capacity for this derailleur (37-39) I am beyond the capacity recommended with a 41 (11-40) + (46-34) = 29 + 12 = 41. So by the math I am 2 beyond the recommended capacity. So, in addition to the RoadLink I need to replace a chainring to drop the spread 2 teeth, so perhaps replace the 34 with a 36? I am just trying to imagine how much that will change my gearing and the trade-offs. I am currently running a 12-30 cassette and definitely finding I could use more gear on the bigger gravel climbs. I could also go to a 11-36 cassette and avoid the chainring issue. Why? Well I am planning for DK 100 next year and I am riding a LOT of gravel events. I don’t really want to invest a lot more money (new derailleur/shifter setup) on a 2009 Eddy Merckx AlumiCross bike. So cost is a factor. So, what is the benefit of going with either a 11-36 or the 11-40 (plus a 36 inner chainring). Part 2: My bike does not have a Derailleur change adapter, it is part of frame and super thick = tough! What concerns should I have about introducing a potentially “weak” link in the system with a RoadLink – no offense to the product but it adds length to the system and that creates a longer “lever” in the system. As we all know gravel is not kind to components (especially DK). Ready go…

    1. My combo is equal to (50-39)+(40+11)= 40 and it works, so 41 should be fine but if you want to be safe just get a 36 chainring

  22. Can you recommend an 11-36 10 speed Cassette for use with an Ultegra 6600 GS in combination with the RoadLink? I want to be 100% sure the Shimano XT Dyna-Sys CS-M771 Cassette is compatible or if I should look at SRAM or something else entirely. (I may even go for an 11-40 in the future, the SunRace one look like a good deal – but I would have to change my small chainring).

    1. Yeah it should work I think MTB and Road 10 speed have same spacing, sram Cassette are expensive, but it’s up you , with a road link you should be fine

      1. And yeah a smaller Chainring if you want 11-40 cassettes to keep the capacity of slack in check

      2. That is why I asked (spacing) – I have read in a few places that anything in the Dyna-Sys is not compatible with road components because the spacing/indexing is different. But, I have seen so many posts on running the RoadLink with larger cassettes, but no mention of specifically which ones. I also sent this same question to the nice folks at Wolf as well – but since I read a lot of real world examples here (and many pushing the boundaries of possible) I thought someone would know. I, like most of you don’t have the $ for a dedicated gravel bike and so I am modding an old cross bike to fill the gap. Plus, I like to tinker. Thanks for the Input Jessy – big help!!

  23. I have a Sram eTap set up with 11-28 on the back and compact on the front. Can I use the RoadLink to bump up to 11-32 for a Euro Alp climbing trip (and not buy the SRAM WiFli)?


    1. Vince, the RoadLink doesn’t work very well with the eTap derailleur – I had it working on and off with an 11-36 cassette, but RoadLink is intended for Shimano derailleurs. With that said – turn in the B-screw on your eTap rear derailleur a good way. It will shift perfectly in stock form on an 11-32 cassette.

      Here is Part One of my SRAM Etap review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU6uMcuiyrs – in the video, I demonstrate the derailleur with an 11-32… fast forward to about five minutes in.

  24. FWIW, I got away with 48×32 plus an XT 11-42 cassette on a Sequoia with 5800GS rear deraulleur. This was to do a MTB loop where I’ve used a 20×32 low gear in the past. I used the stock chain which was a little too short for 48×42, but I avoid cross-chaining so no problem. Although it worked, shifting was a bit iffy, as Marc Lindarets suggested it might be, so I cannot recommend doing this, however it meant I survived the day.

    Next step is an 11-40 XT cassette, a different (Middleburn) crankset with either 40×24 or 38×26 rings, and most likely a CX70 FD so the cage misses the chainstay. Hopefully that should handle offroad touring, and shift somewhat better. I’ll know in a week or so.

  25. I’m wondering if anyone has used/tried the wolftooth roadlink with a shimano 9 speed mtb rear derailure to bump up the cassette to say a 11-42 or higher?

    Warning: Rambling ensues below:

    Currently with 53/39 & 12-27 ultegra 6600 group set on my road bike. My Friends talked me into doing a century mountains of misery ride with them. I live in the flatlands and haven’t ridden my bike much in the past 10 years. Soo… I’m looking for some crazy low gearing while being on a strict budget of “my wife doesn’t want me to spend much money on the bike that has sat in the garage for the past 10 years.”

    From my research:
    1) I can run a shimano 9 speed mtb rear derailure (luckily my friend has one he’ll lend me) with my current 10 speed shifters (same pull ratios) and a 10 speed 11-36 mtb cassette. This will cost me the price of cassette and maybe some end cap adjusters (forgot what they are called, but I don’t think they cost much) and maybe some chain stuff. This will give me for like $50 a 39/36 low end ratio. not too bad! Add a compact crank from ebay and I can have 34/36 low end ratio for like $100.

    2) So back to my original quesiton… I’m wondering if anyone has used/tried the wolftooth roadlink with a shimano 9 speed mtb rear derailure to bump up the cassette to say a 40 or higher??? I think this COULD be better then using a GS medium cage rear derailleur with the roadlink because the capacity for a 9 speed MTB rear derailure is greater. For instance the “Shimano Deore XT RD-M772” 9 speed is 45, which means one could run 50/34 with a 11-40 cassette and be… wait for it… exactly at 45 capacity. Where as the wolftooth website only recommends a 46/36 crank with the 11-40 crankset using the GS medium cage derailure/roadlink combo https://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/pages/roadlink-tech-page states “.

    It has been stated here that people run the 50/34 crank with the 11-40 goatline/gs derailure combo with no problem as long as they don’t cross chain, but I’m thinking if the roadlink/9speed mtb derailure combo worked then one could probably do a 42 cassette OR HIGHER with a 50/34 compact crank with no problems as long as they didn’t cross chain. This would be great because then with the additional cost of (11-42 over the 11-36) cassette I need to buy plus the 20 bucks for the Roadlink, I could be at 39/42 low gear ratio which should be sufficient. Or I could spend an additional 50 bucks and throw on a used 50/34 crank and be at 34/42 low end gearing for like $130 bucks. I know 34/42 is probably waaaay lower then I would need, but just the idea of it brings a smile to my face.

  26. Hi,

    anyone have tried – etap wifli with sram 11-36 cassette and 50-34 chainring with/or without wolftooth ?


    1. Hi Robertus… the regular eTap derailleur works with a 50-34 and an 11-32 – but I wouldn’t go cross chaining from the 50 to the 32… now, I haven’t got a eTap wifli derailleur at the moment, but I’ll wager it will work just fine with a 36T cog and the combination you’re looking for. Thanks for the reminder, I need to acquire a Wifli eTap derailleur 🙂

    2. Hi Robertus…it may depend on your frame as well because with eTap 11-32 and 50/34 would not work on my Cervelo S3. Might be due to frame?

      I put the original Ultegra group set back on the S3, changed the RD to a long ultegra cage and put a Wolftooth on it, and changed the chain as well: 11-36 works flawlessly, and I may be able to use a 11-40 too for the Alps this summer without any further chain mods!

      I bought a Colnago C60 frame and I am getting the WiFli RD installed so that I can use an 11-32 cassette. I was under the impression that the wolf tooth would not work with SRAM eTap? Anyone tried it? Because then I could also use 11-36 when needed too.


      1. Vince, I need to post a video to the website – I tried the Lindarets RoadLink with the eTap short cage derailleur and a 36T big cog. It didn’t work well… sometimes it would shift to the 36 cog, and sometimes it wouldn’t… very unreliable performance. Marc Lindarets advised me directly that the RoadLink was designed to work with Shimano derailleurs only.

        1. That’s what I read too. But it’s just a hanger lengthener. I may try the road link with the wifli, and I’ll let you know about the 36 cog.

  27. I am looking to use the Roadlink as follows:
    Sram red 10 speed double tap shifters
    Sram force Medium cage RD
    11-34 Shimano M980 10 speed cassette
    Sram Rival compact 34-48 double crankset
    Do you think this will work?

  28. Setup for custom titanium road S&S coupler frame

    Sram Red 10 speed double tap shifters

    Sram Red yaw 10 speed front derailleur

    Sram X0 Type 2 (clutch) long cage MTB rear derailleur 10 speed

    Sram Red 50 x34 crankset 10 speed

    Sunrace 11-40 10 speed cassette

    Slight tinkering with B screw

    Flawless. LBS said it wouldn’t work, yeah right. They even smugly called Sram support to prove me wrong, LBS hung up and then humbly told me I was right, LOL!!

    Want lower gears for those steep 15% plus gradients? Bin the road rear derailleur and get a long cage clutch type rear MTB derailleur. In this case, Sram trumps Shimano, same pull ratio road or MTB.

    If Sram gets an etap long cage MTB rear derailleur to pair with road shifters, I’m all in. Until then I’ll stick with Sram 10 speed mechanical as there is more flexibility than 11 speed electronic or mechanical, Sram or Shimano, without 3rd party mods.

    Happy Trails To You!

    1. Interesting Gear Monkey, thanks.

      I currently have on one road bike (Cervélo S3), medium cage Ultegra -with Road Link- and compact cranks. Cassette is a 11-36 (doing the Dolomites this summer) and easy peasy clearance and function with room for a 11-40 I would imagine.

      My other road bike was just fitted for a WiFli Etap RD and also has a RED compact crank. Presently have a 11-32 on it, and from just eye balling and the abundant B screw, I would imagine that a 11-36 is doable too.

      Safe riding!

  29. I know this thread has been quiet for a while, but thought it might be worth a shot: Any thoughts on using a roadlink with an xt m8000 derailleur to clear a sunrace 11-42 cassette and 38t wolftooth oval chainring?

    1. I’ve tested the XTR Di2 derailleur with an 11-40 cassette – the 11-42 won’t be a problem either, as Shimano offer this as a stock cassette designed specifically for their MTB derailleurs.

    2. Mike,
      The RD-M8000 will clear an 11-42 no problem- that’s the cassette it was designed for. No RoadLink or GoatLink needed. You will want a Tanpan SH11 if you’d like to use it with Shimano road shifters, though.

  30. Your analysis and info is fantastic, but it is a bit to techy for me to wade through. So here is my question: What combo of components do I need to give to my LBS mechanic to run an 11-speed with electronic shifting (eTAP or Di2), 50-34 chainring, and 11-40 cassette on a road bike.

    If anything else is needed, please include info on longer B screw, Goatlink, Lindarets thingie, or other..

    1. 1. XTR Di2 / XT Di2, but the front derailleur may not work with your frame, in that it is designed for 73mm bottom bracket shells, and cannot move far enough to the left. Most road / gravel frames won’t work.

      2. The latest mid-cage Ultegra Di2 M8050 derailleur should be able to shift a 40T cog, but we haven’t tested it. Check out my video of me using the latest Dura-Ace Di2 9150 derailleur with a 36T cog – https://www.gravelcyclist.com/videos/tinkering-101-shifting-big-gears-shimano-dura-ace-91009150-ultegra-80008050-derailleurs/

      3. To my knowledge, eTap cannot shift a 40T cog.

      In the cases of #1 and #2, you will still need Di2 shifters, hydro brake or mechanical brake type. Also, don’t forget about the Junction A, Junction B boxes, battery and wiring. Some of that will depend on your frame.

  31. I started traveling some years ago with the bike i already had, a cyclocross frame with shimano 105, 50-34 and 32 cassette then two years ago roadlink and a 11-36 cassette, then this year AbsoluteBlack 46-30 Chainrings + roadlink and a 11-40 Cassette for serious climbs and loaded.
    Until now works perfectly! avoiding cross chain! 😉

    any thoughts?



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