VIDEO: Inside the 2018 Dirty Kanza 200 Gravel Race! – Emporia, Kansas

June 2nd, 2018 marked the 13th running of Dirty Kanza 200, arguably the world’s most famous gravel race! Despite tough conditions with a thunderstorm delaying the race start by 30 minutes, and a headwind facing riders on the return leg, the course record was broken, by none other than Ted King (he won too).

Meanwhile, in realms of the mid-pack or beyond, JOM and K-Dogg of the Gravel Cyclist crew tackled the event, this video is their perspective. Will JOM make it 3 for 3 at DK200 and will K-Dogg finish his second Dirty Kanza 200? With riders such as Sven Nys and Jens Voigt lining up for this race, you could say Dirty Kanza has grown in popularity!

Audio is best enjoyed with headphones.

JOM’s Race Report from the 2018 Dirty Kanza 200.

JOM’s Race Bike for the 2018 Dirty Kanza 200.

Hotshot (kills muscle cramps) –

Cover photo by Ian Matteson of ENVE Composites.

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5 comments on “VIDEO: Inside the 2018 Dirty Kanza 200 Gravel Race! – Emporia, Kansas

  1. Cramped at the beginning of the Be-Yotch. Had to walk it. That’s okay though because it helped me get in your video and now I feel semi-famous! (Green jersey at 7:55)
    Congrats on your third finish!

    1. Hey Daryl, definitely a bad place to cramp! I cramped later on as you saw, but I was fully prepared for that potential eventuality! Hotshot isn’t paying me or giving me product to say this… that stuff works like a charm to kill cramps!

      And thank you, hopefully, you finished out your race. A tough day!

  2. Jayson, would you comment on your decision tree with regard to tire choice, in particular why the 38mm size rather than the conventional wisdom of “bigger is better” and going to the 43mm width? Many thks!

    1. Hey there… the 38’s I ran blow up to about 41mm on my rims, hence my decision. I ran this exact same pair of tyres at my 2017 DK200, so I figured, why change? Also, I prefer a little lighter weight tyre casing, another reason behind my decision. Depending on the rim, you will often get 2 – 3mm of free tyre width, brilliant!

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