VIDEO: 2019 Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge – Western North Carolina, USA

Pisgah Monster Cross has been around for many years, long before “gravel” was a mainstream entity. Eric Wever, the man behind Pisgah Monster Cross and host company, Pisgah Productions, has been a fixture in the North Carolina scene for many years.

2019 pisgah monster cross challenge video

My last appearance at the race was in 2016, and since then, the race has undergone some changes. Gone is the Blue Ridge Parkway section of the course (a good thing… nice to ride, but better riding away from vehicles), leaving us with an extremely challenging course that is about 80% dirt, gravel, rocky bits interspersed with several tricky descents.

2019 pisgah monster cross challenge video

Appearing with me in this video from the Gravel Cyclist Crew is K-Dogg and Jimbo, along with everyone else who lined up to race. Some 70 miles / 111kms with over 8,500 feet of climbing are traversed in this video.

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4 comments on “VIDEO: 2019 Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge – Western North Carolina, USA

  1. what was your bike setup? I didn’t hear that in the video. I saw you were riding with someone on a hardtail MTB – what do you think of that for this ride in particular?

    1. 3T Exploro, ENVE G23 rims with BERD spokes, WTB Resolute 700c x 42mm tyres, SRAM Red AXS 12-speed groupset, 46/33 chainrings, 11-33 cassette. Review coming soonish of this bike.

      Hardtail MTB is a good choice for this course.

  2. Good thing you got some tape of that radio journalist to lift the beauty quotient of the video… Surely tripled your hits.
    Is it true that chunky boy was already on his second burrito when you rolled in?

    1. It is a good possibility about the second burrito, I lost him when I was farting around with cameras and never reeled him back. D’oh!

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