The Australian Summer of Gravel: Cleland Conservation Park – Koalas, WIDE Handlebars & More!

The Australian Summer of Gravel: These videos come to you from the cameras of JOM of Gravel Cyclist, visiting his Aussie homeland during late December 2019, into January 2020. The Southern Hemisphere sees the seasons effectively reversed from the North; cars and bicycles travel on the other side of the road, whilst vehicles are Right Hand Drive.

gravel cycling in australia

In this video, JOM is taken on a guided tour of Cleland Conservation Park, with James of La Velocita leading the way. Not only will you see pleasing scenery, but get up close and personal with a Koala, Kangaroos and a Kookaburra! This experience and these animals are unlike any other you will find outside of the Australian continent.

gravel cycling in australia

gravel cycling in australia

James is riding the mid-sized variant of Curve’s Walmer handlebar, see the link below to our video about that item.

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4 comments on “The Australian Summer of Gravel: Cleland Conservation Park – Koalas, WIDE Handlebars & More!

  1. Jason – really nice to meet you at TDU village today – thanks for taking time to talk to me, I enjoyed the chat. It’s great to see Adelaide Hills and SA getting some attention and profile – it’s a great place to live and ride. All the best, Richard

  2. How you liking those Walmer bars? I’m very curious. My Ritchey Venturemax bars are pretty wide, but I’m eyeing those 55cm beasts.

  3. Lucky enough to have these roads as part of my backyard :-). Rode that very route last weekend and loved it (the Streub trail was new, but the rest has been done many times before).
    It was good to see some walking sections, as it makes me feel normal – a couple of spots up Chambers Gully are damn steep !

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