Inside Curve Cycling: Melbourne, Australia – Featuring Rhino, the Curve GMX+ and more!

“Life’s a grand adventure, which is enhanced by bikes. At Curve, we want to be part of a cycling community that loves sharing the roads, stories and environment we ride through. Bicycles are awesome and a means to building a better world… so join us for a ride.” – Curve Cycling

inside curve cycling Australia tour
The Curve GMX+

Recently, we featured Curve’s extra W I D E Walmer handlebar, which made some people a bit grumpy poo poo pants, but there is more to Curve than just wide handlebars. Curve produces a range of steel and titanium frames, wheels and more.

inside curve cycling Australia tour
The Curve Ti Kevin / Kev belonging to Rhino

In this video, Rhino, one of Curve Cycling’s owners, gives us a company history lesson and intel about the key bikes in their lineup.

Curve Cycling

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  1. Avatar shane powers

    JOM – One of the best video to date. I was entertained and educated. Loved it, Thank You for dedicating so much time & work doing these reviews and videos. I have been a silent fan that watched every video and I thank you for the content of each and every one.

    Enjoy your time away and your Australia

    • JOM JOM

      Thanks Shane! Ryan aka Rhino was a ton of fun to work with!

  2. Avatar Tom McGreevy

    Hi Jom, I remember you had a Raliegh Roker Sport way back when. I still have mine and am replacing the seat post – do I need to use carbon paste?

    • JOM JOM

      Still have the bike, carbon paste in my experience is used to prevent slipping. Not been an issue for me.

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