Curve Cycling’s Walmer Handlebar – The W I D E S T Off-Road Drop Handlebar!

“Life’s a grand adventure, which is enhanced by bikes. At Curve, we want to be part of a cycling community that loves sharing the roads, stories and environment we ride through. Bicycles are awesome and a means to building a better world… so join us for a ride.” – Curve Cycling

curve cycling walmer handlebar ultra wide dropbar
Steel Kevin with Walmer Handlebars

Walmer Handlebar – “The Future is W I D E” – Extra Wide Off-Road Drop Handlebar”

curve cycling walmer handlebar ultra wide dropbar
Rhino’s Ti Kevin gravel crusher with Walmer Bars

“Walmer Bars are designed to service the rigours and demands of rugged gravel and off-road bikepacking. No handlebar on the market was the right width or shape, so we decided to create our own.”

curve cycling walmer handlebar ultra wide dropbar
Steel Kevin with Walmer Handlebars

Rhino, one of Curve Cycling’s owners, runs us through the ins and outs of Walmer bar. This handlebar won’t be for everyone, but if you’re into bikepacking, trekking and going way off the beaten track, this may be the ticket for you. Big thanks to Rhino, Adam and the crew at Curve Cycling Australia – Do yourself a favour, pay them a visit if you’re visiting Melbourne, Australia.

Curve Cycling

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11 comments on “Curve Cycling’s Walmer Handlebar – The W I D E S T Off-Road Drop Handlebar!

  1. JOM should try the 60cm Walmer bars and report back; an extra 20cm of bar width ought to do something! 😉

  2. Holy cow is that wide. It will take a lot of bar tape to cover that thing. Not sure a single roll will do one side!

    1. If you watch the video through to the end, they supply extra-long bar tape… “we got you covered brothers and sisters” – said Rhino, aka Ryan!

      1. It just occurred to me that extra long brake hoses or cables will be needed too and, with hydros especially, getting the bars into a box for flights, buses or trains will be extremely challenging. (It was painful enough with narrower bars earlier this year.) Maybe they need some sort of coupler in the centre…

        1. I am reviewing EVOC’s top flight travel case at the moment. I use 40 or 42cm compact drop bars, non flare. No flared bar will work in this case. But if you use the type of case/box where the bars are detached, you may be OK.

          1. So, I used a cardboard bike box as it was a long point-to-point trip with no way to store anything. With the brake line routed through the fork – a really stupid idea IMO – I deliberately left the hose a bit long, or so I’d thought. I had to unbolt the caliper from the fork, remove the bars from the stem, and even so just barely had enough slack and room to fit the still-attached-by-hoses bars into the box. This was with 42cm Ritchey ErgoMax flared bars. The much wider Walmer bars aren’t likely to make packing easier. 🙁

      2. But you would be very limited to the tape options. If there is a certain bar tape that you love you may be out of luck.
        I think that once the bars get that wide you might as well go Mtn bike.

  3. Great idea. You might explore a mechanism to quickly rotate or fold them for bike racks though.

  4. Hi JOM,
    Love your videos.
    I’m about to build a bikepacking / gravel setup and I’m really interested in these bars.
    Do you know if there is a possibility to route grx di2 wires internally on these bars?


    1. Kris, you need to talk to the Curve folks. I don’t recall them being drilled for Di2, but, you could easily do it yourself in the right location.

      Good choice BTW, GRX Di2 is so so nice.

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