Roval Terra CLX Wheelset Review – “One wheel to rule all roads”

For those who have been around cycling a while, the Roval brand may ring a bell. Originally a French-based company from the 1980’s, their wheels were arguably the pre-cursor to modern aero wheels. They featured narrow, low-profile rims of aluminium construction, and very low spoke counts. Nowadays, the Roval brand is part of Specialized Bicycles, based in Morgan Hill, California.

roval terra clx wheelset review

In a way, the Roval Terra CLX wheelset gives an approving nod to those early wheels, perhaps those designs inspired the modern version. The Terra CLX wheels feature low spoke counts and low rim profiles. However, that’s where the similarities end. Technology has made leaps and bounds since the 1980’s, and developments such as carbon fiber, improved bearing technology and more are a part of this wheelset’s DNA.

roval terra clx wheelset review
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“Terra CLX offers everything you need to ride any road. They’re the lightest gravel wheels on the market with 25mm internal-width rims, deliver a durable and exceptionally smooth ride, are compatible with 28-47c tires with up to 90 PSI, and they come with a lifetime warranty and no-fault crash replacement.”

roval terra clx wheelset review

Hooked Rim Technology

“Because versatility is king for all-road performance, we engineered the 25mm internal-width CLX rims to handle tires ranging from 28c to 47c wide, with up to 90 PSI on the 28c rubber. The ability to run a wide range of tire widths as well as a broad swath of pressures allows unparalleled versatility. To ensure both high and low-pressure performance, we relied on hook-bead rims.”

roval terra clx wheelset review
Titici GR02 review bike with Roval Terra CLX wheels

In this long-term review, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew rides these lightweight beauties in the mountains of Northern California, to the lowlands of North Central Florida and Southern Georgia. This isn’t a parking lot review; they were raced at the 2019 Grinduro! California and have racked up many miles / kilometres of gravelly back road fun.

Roval Components

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  1. Avatar paul nowicki

    weight and price?? where and how to buy? number of spokes? what tires are recommended?

    • JOM JOM

      Did you even bother to watch the video? All of the info is there.

  2. Avatar Charlie Davis

    Enve G23s or these Rovals? Price and weights are similar…

    • JOM JOM

      Charlie, that’s your decision. They are similar in weight and price, so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. I’m fortunate to have a set of each of these wheels at my disposal for a little while, so, no complaints here 🙂

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