Ridley Kanzo Adventure: Mounts Galore, Huge Tyre Clearance, Super Clean Integration

ridley kanzo fast adventure review

“Roaming on beautiful gravel paths, conquering endless mountain passes or shredding technical single tracks? Our Kanzo Adventure does it all. Leave the known for the unknown!” – Ridley Bikes

Video from Sea Otter 2022


“We present to you our Kanzo Adventure, our most adventurous bike yet. We developed this bike to complete our range of gravel bikes. This is the right bike for those in pursuit of a bike with maximum performance in demanding terrain and the ability to roam paths and slay trails. Destination Unknown? Not a problem with the new Kanzo Adventure!”

ridley kanzo fast adventure review

“The Kanzo Adventure allows you to make of gravel what you want. Have you got a day trip planned? A multiple day bike packing adventure? Or an ultra-cycling race? This gravel machine can do it all due to its diversity in setup possibilities. You never know what your next adventure is going to be, but you do know that you can rely on this bike for it.”

ridley kanzo fast adventure review

Above, the SRAM Rival eTap XPLR AXS drivetrain. Click here to see our review.

Ready for Adventure

“The geometry of the Kanzo Adventure is specifically developed for rough terrain and adventure, inspired by mountain bikes. In other words: a slacker head tube angle, a lower bottom bracket, a longer wheelbase and a steeper seat tube angle. This ensures the bike is stable and comfortable enough to spend long hours in the saddle.”

ridley kanzo fast adventure review

Apart from the geometry, the Kanzo Adventure differs from Ridley’s other gravel bikes in a number of ways:

  • An abundance of mounting points on the frame and front fork
  • Wide tire clearance for any terrain
  • Integrated dynamo cable routing
  • Integrated, smart cockpit

ridley kanzo fast adventure review

“All its features make the Kanzo Adventure an extremely versatile gravel bike giving you heaps of ride enjoyment. This bike is ready for any new gravel adventure, even when your destination is still unknown.”

ridley kanzo fast adventure review

ridley kanzo fast adventure review

ridley kanzo fast adventure review

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