North Florida to Rome, Italy: Trek Travel Tuscany Gravel Bike Tour

trek travel tuscany gravel trip
A tiny piece of Firenze (Florence)

If you missed the big news, JOM and Lady Gravel Cyclist (aka LGC) joined Trek Travel for their Gravel Bike Tour in the Tuscany region, which began on May 29, 2023 and ended on June 2nd, 2023. This short video is the experience of traveling from North Florida (NorFLA) to Roma (Rome) and Firenze (Florence), Italy!

trek travel tuscany gravel trip
Express train from Roma (Rome) to Firenze (Florence)

This trip promises to be an amazing experience; there aren’t too many places in the world where you can ride gravel among castles such as Castello di Brolio, vineyards, gorgeous rolling hills, and more. There’s a reason why the famous Strada Bianche professional cycling race traverses these roads. In fact Trek Travel will be offering a travel experience trip to catch that race up close and personal for 2024.

NorFLA to Rome, Italy: Gravel Travel Video

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For those unaware, Trek Travel has been in the business of cycling experiences for many years, mostly on the pavement, but we’re very excited to see they’ve expanded their portfolio into the world of gravel cycling! Trek Travel’s gravel bike tours combine mixed-surface roads in the company of guides well acquainted with the area, aboard world class bikes such as the Trek Checkpoint, and the company’s e-Bike, the Domane +, a review of which is posted in the link below.

trek travel tuscany gravel trip
A sliver of Roma (Rome) Airport

Also linked below, a link to signup for Trek Travel’s newsletter to learn more about the new destinations Trek Travel has included in their gravel lineup, which include Bentonville, Shenandoah Valley, Swiss Alps, Girona, and Vermont. More destinations are going to be added next year, so you will not want to miss out on getting early access to those new dates and destinations!

trek travel tuscany gravel trip
Splendid views during the High Speed Train journey

In addition to the riding, attendees stay in beautiful local hotels, and enjoy amazing culinary experiences. JOM will be documenting the entire experience of the Trek Travel Tuscany gravel trip, from the travel to the riding experiences, off bike excursions, meals, and everything else. This promises to be a trip of a lifetime!

trek travel tuscany gravel trip
Note the current speed… not hanging about

If any of our viewing audience is interested in any of Trek Travel’s gravel trips, use promo code GRAVCYCLIST23 to save yourself $200 off your first trip. Don’t be shy, come along for the fun!

trek travel tuscany gravel trip
Firenze S.M.N. Railway Station
trek travel tuscany gravel trip
A long day adapting to the local timezone
trek travel tuscany gravel trip
A little more of Florence

trek travel tuscany gravel trip

Visit the Trek Travel Website for more information.

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