Long Term VIDEO Review: Parlee Cycles Chebacco

We took possession of the beautiful Parlee Cycles Chebacco in April of 2016. Parlee Cycles insisted we put the bike through its paces, but how best to accomplish that? JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew thought it best to use the Chebacco as his primary race and gravel training bike – he isn’t about writing a lame review with some pretty photos!

The bike has been raced at the Bootlegger 100 (Lenoir, North Carolina) and the world’s biggest gravel race, Dirty Kanza 200 (Emporia, Kansas). JOM goes through all of the details of the bike, piece by piece. It’s a lengthy review, but JOM’s had the bike for a bit of a while…

See the detailed specifications and a ton of photos of the Parlee Chebacco review bike HERE.

Shortly, we’ll be reviewing the wheels involved with this bike – the Mavic All Pro Disc Wheelset and American Classic Argent Disc Wheelset – as well as Panaracer’s GravelKing tyres (review here).

Thanks for watching!

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17 comments on “Long Term VIDEO Review: Parlee Cycles Chebacco

  1. Hmmm, can I ask what your saddle height and reach is? I’m also about 5’11” with 32″ inseam and would have thought that a 54 would have been too small… I currently ride a 56cm Synapse whose geometry seems to match the Parlee 56cm pretty closely. Thanks!

    1. I have a ML chebacco. the ML was recommended by the factory sales rep for my size. I am also about 5’11 with a 32 cm inseam. the rep told me that he normally put guys in the 6’1 and up range on the large size. I have been happy with my fit. it seems spot on as far as frame size .

      1. Thanks James! Much appreciated. It’s tough for me at 5’10.5″, I seem to always be between sizes on bike frames as well as jerseys and bib shorts and even helmets! Hard to figure out… an inch more either way would be easier!

  2. I’m also just about 5’10.5″ and am curious about the sizing. I have a bike with the same 373 reach as the M size Chebacco and it felt small to me – with the stock 80mm stem. I put a 100mm stem on and now it feels great, but the steering is also now a bit slow as the bike has a fairly slack 70.5 degree head angle.

  3. Oh sorry, I forgot to say – it definitely was not all bad, not at all. Sorry I forgot to thank you for the review and the site! My buddy is more into this gravel thing than I am but it looks quite fun to me. I’m more of a mountain biker and cyclocross, just can’t stand the cars…

      1. Do you think that there is a noticeable difference in performance between flat-mount and post-mount?

        1. John, barring one bike, where I experienced a harmonic vibration on the rear brake (titanium frame) with post mount, which made a bit of a racket at times, zero difference between the two standards.

          I am still riding the Chebacco – still loving it – even with post mount brakes!

  4. Since you have the longest test time on the bike I have a couple questions.

    1. Did you experience any toe overlap with the front tire when turning?
    2. Did the internal rear brake hose rattle inside the frame? If not do you know if Parlee used zip ties or some other trick to quiet them?
    3. Did you notice any water leaking in the frame through the cable port caps?
    4. Can you tell me what your seat height was and the length of the stem you tested the bike with?

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. Hi Greg, thanks for the questions. BTW, I still have the bike – about to review the Lauf Grit fork with it on behalf of BikeRumor.com

      1. No, but this could a problem if one had bigger feet, a taller tyre – so many variables.
      2. No rattles. If is anything like your average internal Di2 install, I assume they used zip ties, but I haven’t poked around with the rear brake in any manner. Perhaps you should contact them?
      3. No leaking. Perhaps you could use some clear silicone caulk around the edges of the derailleur port if this is a problem?
      4. My seat height is generally around 760mm from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle. I am using a 110mm stem and 172.5mm cranks with Shimano XTR pedals.

      BTW, the headset was creaking a bit – it wasn’t the bottom bracket bearings like I first thought – the headset bearings need replacing at some point. They’ve been pretty well mashed upon. Pulling the headset apart, flipping the bearing seals out and lubing up has helped. Meanwhile, the bottom bracket bearings remain smooth as butter, which is a nice surprise!

      1. Thanks for the info it was very helpful. I’m considering buying this bike but don’t know what size I’ll go with, S or M.
        If you drop your seatpost 7cm ( my seat height 69cm) how much post is left out of the frame and what is the difference between the saddle and your stem height?
        Another question, what is the connection on the front brake line? Is it a quick disconnect for the brake line when you have to remove the fork?
        Thanks again for all your help and great reviews.

  5. Any comments from you 5′-10″ guys with regard to size? Seems like the ML is a bit big, and the M is a bit small for my 5-10 body. I have a 31″ inseam, and I usually ride a 56cm, but this is my first gravel specific bike.

    1. I’m about 5’11″… I reviewed the Medium. Pay attention to the top tube length – it is 54.5cm on the Medium. You can always raise the seatpost or use a setback seatpost to get your desired saddle position and height. I used a 110mm stem in the review.

      Good luck!

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