DeSalvo Custom Bicycles: Steel & Titanium – An inside look at DeSalvo HQ, Ashland, Oregon

desalvo custom bicycles tour
DeSalvo Bicycles HQ is a busy one-person operation

“Custom Bicycles Handmade in Ashland, Oregon by Mike DeSalvo.” –

desalvo custom bicycles tour
Custom titanium frame under construction

“20 years and somewhere north of 1,500 bikes built is a proud achievement. It’s also one that could not be done without the support of countless friends, family, fans, and of course all of the DeSalvo Owners out there.”

DeSalvo Custom Cycles Tour Video

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew visits Mike at DeSalvo frame building HQ in Ashland, Oregon, for an inside look at Mike’s operation. Mike talks about building bikes, along with many other interesting insights into the cycling industry. A huge thank you to Mike for his time, as he was recovering from injury during the recording of this video.

desalvo custom bicycles tour

Mike primarily builds in Titanium and Steel, and every bike including paint is bespoke to the customer.

Additional Photos inside Mike’s Shop

desalvo custom bicycles tour
Anvil Bikeworks Frame Jig

desalvo custom bicycles tour

desalvo custom bicycles tour

desalvo custom bicycles tour
Frames ready for shipping
desalvo custom bicycles tour
This device bends frame tubes

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