2023 Shasta Gravel Hugger: Snow four years in a row?!

2023 shasta gravel hugger video
Welcome to Montague, California!

“100 miles, Full Hug, 100km (62miles) Half Hug and NEW in 2023 a 34 mile option we call the Handshake.” – https://www.gravelhugger.com

2023 shasta gravel hugger video

Due to a dodgy weather system involving a heaping of cold and snow, the Shasta Gravel Hugger for 2023 featured later start times and shortened courses.

2023 Shasta Gravel Hugger Ride Experience Video

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew departed the warm and comfy temperatures of NorFLA (Gainesville, Florida to be exact), and flew cross-country to Medford, Oregon. After visits to Desalvo Bicycles and Landshark Bicycles (videos coming later), JOM made the short drive to play in the snow with everyone else in Montague, California, home to the Shasta Gravel Hugger. JOM has exactly zero experience in live snowfall conditions, what could possibly go wrong? 🙂

2023 shasta gravel hugger video

Continued from Above:

Under normal conditions (“Jeep Road” removed for 2023)… “Each route has breathtaking views of Mt. Shasta and consists of about 50/50 gravel and pavement. The fast pavement sectors connect the ten challenging gravel sectors, including the infamous “Jeep Road”. The race is built like a spring classic with sectors of Northern California gravel in place of European cobblestones. This course stands out with it’s rolling wide open roads and two major climbs totaling 4,700 feet of climbing. Race to win or win by riding your first century.”

2023 shasta gravel hugger video
Each mixed-surface sector of SGH is sign posted Roubaix style

Shasta Gravel Hugger is the Brainchild of Ben Brainard:

“I love riding all types of bikes. The last several years I have enjoyed finding cool gravel roads to ride. Nothing like getting lost and finding your way back. I’m a full-time cyclist that likes to give financial advice from time to time.”

Additional Photos

2023 shasta gravel hugger video

2023 shasta gravel hugger video

2023 shasta gravel hugger video

2023 shasta gravel hugger video

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