Allied Cycle Works Factory Tour! USA-Made Carbon Bicycles: Rogers, Arkansas

allied cycle works factory tour
Allied Able – Made Here – Rogers, Arkansas

“Our Mission: To make the best Bicycles and Components in the World, right here in America”.

Allied Cycle Works

“Design, market, sell.” Normally, this is the holy trinity of American bike brands. “Make” is almost never part of the equation. And this is why Allied is different. Our mission is to make the best carbon fiber bicycles in the world, manufacturing them right here in America.” – Allied Cycle Works

allied cycle works factory tour
Carbon layup room at Allied HQ

“Brands love to talk about “quality control.” We’re not fans of the phrase. It makes it sound like your lovingly-finished bike – one of the most glorious things you’ll ever buy – materializes out of thin air. It’s like a brand’s only level of real engagement with the making-of-the-thing is to run the final product against a checklist of corporate standards.”

allied cycle works factory tour

“But bikes don’t magically arrive. And this isn’t the realm of semi-conductors or six-figure German cars. Automated manufacturing isn’t meaningfully present in the high-end bike industry. It boils down to people making things.”

allied cycle works factory tour

“People in a manufacturing environment acquiring and retaining knowledge. People making seemingly small decisions with disproportionately large effects downstream.” Read more about Allied’s statement on USA-based manufacturing – Made Here.

Allied Cycle Works Factory Tour Video

“The unmatched road feel of an Allied is a product of countless hours of engineering time and design Research and Development. But most vital to our mission of building the World’s best bikes is our vigilant attention to production.”

allied cycle works factory tour
Allied Able – Made Here – Rogers, Arkansas

The Allied Able

“The ABLE begs to be ripped around on chunky gravel, hardpack dirt, fire roads, and singletrack. Purpose-built for wider tires, but with a shorter rear end for telepathic handling. Proven on the brutal terrain of the 2019 Dirty Kanza where Colin Strickland and Amity Rockwell piloted their Ables to overall victory.”

allied cycle works factory tour

The Allied Able pictured in this article is the bike JOM of Gravel Cyclist used to pre-ride the Big Sugar NWA (Northwest Arkansas) Gravel. This beautiful bike is the personal steed of Drew of Allied Cycle Works. Many thanks to Drew and the crew at Allied!

allied cycle works factory tour

JOM’s pre-ride video of the Big Sugar NWA course will be appearing on the website / Gravel Cyclist YouTube channel, watch this space!

allied cycle works factory tour

This bad-arsed example of the Able is fitted a SRAM Red / Eagle AXS 12-speed electronic groupset, ENVE G23 wheels and WTB Resolute tyres.

allied cycle works factory tour
Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, Walton’s 5-10 aka WalMart #1

For those who may be wondering, gearing is a 46 tooth chainring paired to an 11-50 12-speed cassette. This was the near-perfect 1x gearing combination for the Big Sugar course…

allied cycle works factory tour
Near Pineville, Missouri

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  1. Avatar GCWANNABEE

    Best factory tour video I have seen. Drew was an informative host. Camera work was good…and we didn’t have any interruptions with an Aussie accent. Well done Jom.

    • JOM JOM

      Thank you… Will was the host and an SME (Subject Matter Expert).

  2. Avatar RidetideDave

    Outstanding video!

  3. Avatar Sean

    JOM, thanks taking the time to make this video.

    My wife and I are proud Able owners and the bikes are unbelievable. My wife was more of a XC rider but after riding her Able, she really has fallen in love with gravel.

    Working with Will was a first class exsperiance from the first e mail I sent to the many phone conversations and e mail updates along the manufacturing process. We chose to order frame sets and to let our local bike shop complete our Sram AXS “mullet” builds.

    I have to thank Will for going the extra mile to allow us to truly custom order our frames. At the time, custom paint was not a option with the Allied Able. True to his word, he took our request to the staff meeting and contacted us immediately that Allied would work our ideas in. Customer service and customer satisfaction is a priorty at Allied!

    Once again thanks to Allied for a truly work of art gravel bike that rides as good as it looks.


  4. Avatar Brian

    I had the opportunity to visit the Guru factory years ago and it’s cool to see they are still using much of the same equipment to make their bikes.

  5. Avatar Miniver

    This was brilliant! Thank you so very much for this carbon bike build lesson. I’m continually amazed by the efforts you make to find and share these interesting and, frankly, clarifying things with us. It’s quite a generous gift. Also thanks to Allied for the clarity of presentation — those are fine looking bikes.

  6. Avatar David Duganne

    I’m surprised Viathon frame production hasn’t been moved stateside, specifically Bentonville/Rogers…

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