2020 T-Lab X3 All-Terrain Titanium Do-It-All Bike: Unboxing & Features

“The innovation with T-LAB begins with the development of a proprietary, precision forming method that allows us to radically shape seamless, Grade 9 titanium tubing into a unique frame profile that produces 30% more stiffness (with no weight disadvantage) versus leading titanium bikes. Essentially, at various key areas on the frame, we take a round cross section with isotropic characteristics and create a sort of anisotropic cross section in order to enhance strength and stiffness exactly where it’s needed. The result is the utmost optimization of cycling performance, from top to bottom.” – T-Lab-Bikes.com

2020 t-lab x3 titanium gravel bike

2020 T-Lab X3 All-Terrain Bike with Shimano GRX Di2

“For those riding gravel, mud, single tracks, farm roads,cobblestones and even asphalt, we’d like to introduce you to your new dream bike.”

2020 t-lab x3 titanium gravel bike

Future Friendly Design – “Suite of available options – swappable T-One rear dropouts, Mech/Elec shifter convertibility and fender-ready build – delivers complete adaptability over time.”

2020 t-lab x3 titanium gravel bike
Preparing for shipment to Australia with an Evoc case (under review)

Top-Level Ti – “Seamless, Grade 9 (3Al – 2.5v) titanium is cold-worked to optimize stiffness-to-weight without affecting the inherent qualities of Ti.”

T-Lab X3 Unboxing & Features Video

In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew unboxes and covers the key features of the X3, as a prelude to a review that is mostly happening in Australia.

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4 comments on “2020 T-Lab X3 All-Terrain Titanium Do-It-All Bike: Unboxing & Features

  1. Sweet looking bike – I started a custom geometry X3 design with Ricardo and his team at T-Lab and working through iterations now. Should be a great ti machine come Spring!

  2. I have a x-3 in the work. Have you tried the bike with a 650b? What’s the widest tire you feel fit in that frame? Their website says 51mm on 650b, but is it accurate and does it lower the BB too much?

    1. I am riding it with 650b wheels at the moment, but only the WTB Resolute tyre at about 42mm. A 650b x 50mm tyre will fit without trouble. The BB is going to be lowered, there’s nothing you can do about that, but it isn’t detrimental. No pedal strike action to report.

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