Video Review: T-Lab X3 All-Terrain Titanium Gravel Bike with Shimano Ultegra Di2

The T-Lab Bicycles All-Terrain X3 Titanium gravel bike is hand-made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Constructed from Grade 9 titanium (3Al-2.5V), this unique and beautiful bike utilizes a proprietary forming technology that not only creates frame tubes unlike anything else on the market, but also optimizes stiffness-to-weight ratios, sans extra weight. Additionally, there is a ton of drone footage in this video.

The T-Lab X3 was ridden and reviewed during a five-week period, mostly in Australia. For those wondering, the bike weighs approximately 18.5lbs with the components in the video.

** Addendum to video: T-Lab can accommodate 650b wheels on the X3 (it was an option not on my review bike). In fact, all future X3’s will accommodate 700c and 650c – this is direct from the guys at T-Lab.

This video is a collaboration with Gravel Cyclist and Thanks for watching!

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18 comments on “Video Review: T-Lab X3 All-Terrain Titanium Gravel Bike with Shimano Ultegra Di2

  1. This looks like a sweet bike. I take it you tested the size M, GRAVEL / ADVENTURE version of the bike and not the CX version? Do you have any information on the weight of the fork? Do you know if they would offer any other bottom bracket standards, such as T47 or BSA? I don’t see anything on their site.

    1. Heffe, I mentioned the size near the start of the video. Size Small, gravel / adventure version. I’d have to remove the fork from the bike to weigh, not going to happen at the moment, sorry. But, I imagine they’ve got some forks they could weigh for you.

      BTW, T-Lab will be adjusting their stays to accommodate for 650b wheels. I wasn’t aware of that until an hour ago. Being custom, I imagine they could make whatever you like with bottom brackets.

      1. Did you have the fork with Fender / Rack mounts or none? Thanks again for weighing! cheers

        1. Joe, I have the fork with the fender / extra mounts on the legs, etc. I have not weighed this fork.

    1. Nice. Also, T-Lab is about to make a running change to allow for 700c and 650b wheels between the chainstays.

  2. JOM, why would the version you had not accommodate 650b wheels? Was it simply a clearance issue, where a wider tire that one would be likely to use with the smaller wheel diameter wouldn’t fit?

    1. Ben, look at the photo I posted in the review… the stay is designed for room around where a 700c x 40mm tyre would sit. The photo of the 650b x 42mm tyre, you can see the stay needs to be modified to allow the same clearance with 650b.

  3. Thanks for another great review. How does this bike compare to the Lynskeys you have reviewed? Sounds like it’s racier than the GR 250 / 260 and maybe more like the Pro GR.

    1. Tom, I never do comparisons, rather I treat each bike by itself. But, I will say this… the T-Lab X3 is definitely like the PRO GR in that it is all about performance. Also, the T-Lab has a much shorter wheelbase than the PRO GR, but you have tradeoffs with that.

  4. Do you think you could use this for cyclocross races as well, even using the gravel/adventure geometry? Or visa versa, could you ride gravel events and rides on the cyclocross geometry? I believe this is my dream bike to do both disciplines!! Thanks!

    1. Hey Dylan, I am NOT a CX racer, so I haven’t scoped out the CX geometry. But to answer your question, I’ve ridden a ton of legit gravel events on a CX bike – Gravel Worlds, Crusher in the Tushar, Almanzo 100 – with rim brakes! So, I say yes, you can do it. I would opt for bigger tyre clearance if you could though… 40mm would be handy.

      Here’s my video on the whole CX bike being used on gravel –

  5. Thanks JOM for the great review of this bike. I am very intrigued by the X-3. I am in the market for a titanium bike and need your advice. I ride tarmac 95% of the time do like to get out on the mountain roads occasionally and I do a couple of gravel races a year, Crusher in the Tushar being one of them. I may do more gravel races in the future. So I am looking for a roadish bike that can do some gravel events. The X-3 seems to fit that bill. Also looking at the Litespeed Cherohala. Any other titanium bikes to consider in this category?


    1. Hey Brett, I have no time with the Litespeed Cherola. In fact, the only bike I can think of that is remotely similar to the X3 – and this bike isn’t carbon – is the Allied Alfa, which I am reviewing right now. I think you will be extremely pleased with the X3.

      The other Ti bikes I have reviewed are full on gravel bikes, and the geometry isn’t ideal, especially if you’re riding a ton of road miles / kms. Hopefully, this helps a little.

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