Survey Results: How do you Roll on Gravel? Part One

The results are in! Over 800 respondents took our recent “How do you Roll on Gravel” survey. Many thanks to everyone who participated.

The survey questions for Part One were as follows:

  • What type of cyclist best describes you?
  • What is your age?
  • To which gender do you most identify?
  • Do you ride gravel roads for fun and pleasure? Or do you race?
  • How many gravel miles do you ride / race a year?
  • Do you bike pack from time to time?
  • Do you ride gravel roads at night time?
  • With the explosion of gravel events and races, is this genre at risk of losing its grassroots feel?
  • Does gravel racing / events need a sanctioning body where rules may be imposed? i.e. USA Cycling, etc.
  • Do you like the presence of former or current professional riders at gravel races?
  • Do professional teams and related roadie-like tactics belong at gravel races?
  • If professional riders were present at a race, should they be started separately?
  • How far are you willing to drive or fly to a gravel event?
  • Race prizes? Assuming you race, do you prefer?

Below, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew relays the survey findings, Part One, with a bit of commentary here and there. For those who don’t want to sit through the video (admittedly it is a bit dry), you can see the charts beneath the video.

Survey Results – Charts (click a chart to see them full size)

What type of cyclist best describes you?

No surprises here, 652 riders voted they are a gravel cyclist, with a good number still very active on the road and mountain bikes.

What is your age?

Again, no surprises here, with the 40 to 49yo and 50 to 59yo groups representing the biggest demographic. Additionally, 60 to 69yo had 95 respondents and for 70+, 9 riders! That is very impressive. Kudos also to the one < 18yo respondent.

To which gender do you most identify?

I thought about splitting the genders into age groups but had a feeling males would comprise most of the respondents. 46 ladies and one transgender lady took the survey, seven chose not to answer, whilst the overwhelming number – 768 blokes – chimed in.

Do you ride gravel for fun and pleasure? Racing?

A strong and closely matched result of people who ride for fun, and those who race as well.

How many gravel miles a year?

Some impressive numbers here, especially in the 2,500 to 4,999 distance. A lot of you are riding plenty of miles on gravel!

Do you bike pack from time to time?

Good numbers of you enjoy bike packing.

Do you ride gravel at night time?

This result was very surprising and almost a dead heat. Riding at night time is an absolute blast on gravel roads.

Is gravel losing its grass roots feel?

Another interesting result.

Do we need rules, sanctioning bodies in gravel?

Unfortunately, there was a glitch in this question, but an overwhelming number of people don’t need no stinkin’ rules and regulations!

Do you like former or current pro’s at gravel races?

It seems former or current pro riders are welcome at gravel races. This would tie into the inclusive nature of gravel, regardless of one’s performance. Remember, it is all about fun!

Do pro teams and roadie-like tactics belong at gravel races?

Unfortunately, another glitch with this question, but a strong no. Whilst pro riders are welcome, full-on teams and roadie-like tactics aren’t so welcome.

Should pro races be started separately?

Mixed feelings with these results. At the inaugural SBT GRVL race in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I believe the Pro’s are being started separately.

How far are you willing to fly or drive?

Unfortunately, another glitched question, but strong numbers of those willing to drive up to 500 or 1,000 miles in many cases. As for the > 2000 mile club, that is impressive!

Race prizes?

The final question for Part One, and with some glitches which affected the vote count again (sorry about that). Draw your own conclusions.

Link to Survey Results in Part Two – Part Three

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  1. For part 2, I suggest full screen graph, with just a minimal voice over. Hard to see the graph, and we really can read those numbers faster than you can speak them. Maybe some commentary on what you think the results mean, instead of a recitation of them.

    1. Post updated to include graphs. Admittedly the video was a bit dry… thanks for the feedback GCWannabee!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, the video was a failed experiment, way too dry to be dribbling on about survey results!

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