Press Release: Shimano Celebrates 100 Years of Manufacturing Expertise

shimano 100 year anniversary

From humble beginnings to industry-leading technology and development, Shimano celebrates its 100th anniversary this year with a look back at previous achievements and its lasting legacy on the greater cycling community.

shimano 100 year anniversary
Shozaburo Shimano
shimano 100 year anniversary
Shimano Factory circa 1936

Founded in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano, the Sakai City-based company has now grown to employ over 11,000 people at 50 consolidated manufacturing, research, sales, and marketing companies across the world. Shimano remains a predominantly family-owned company and is under the leadership of Shimano president Yozo Shimano.

shimano 100 year anniversary
The original Dura-Ace, 1973
shimano 100 year anniversary
Shimano XT first launched in 1982

From 1921 to 2021, Shimano has developed countless products that have driven innovation and design throughout the cycling industry. Starting with the 3.3.3. freewheel, Shimano moved on to deliver groundbreaking products and technologies such as:

  • 3-Speed Hubs
  • Indexed Shifting
  • Dual Control Levers
  • Hyperglide Cassettes
  • Di2 Electronic Shifting
  • Shimano GRX Di2 and GRX Mechanical
  • SPD Pedals
shimano 100 year anniversary
3.3.3 Freewheel

shimano 100 year anniversary

shimano 100 year anniversary
1984 Dura-Ace 7400 Groupset

These technologies became ubiquitous in the cycling industry, just as Shimano itself became synonymous with best-in-class products.

shimano 100 year anniversary
The original STI lever launched in 1990

SHIMANO Centennial Website & Photobook

To celebrate its centennial anniversary, Shimano is proud to highlight product and technology achievements from the past 100 years with a new centennial website and limited-edition SHIMANO 100 WORKS photobook.

shimano 100 year anniversary

Only 2,000 photobooks will be available, and the contents of the commemorative book will provide the historical background to some of Shimano’s most ground-breaking products.

shimano 100 year anniversary
Shimano Crane Rear Derailleur

The new Shimano Centennial Website features photos and videos, allowing fans and customers to dive deeper into Shimano technologies and backstories of many favorite Shimano products. Featuring 100 iconic products accompanied with beautiful photography, readers can also learn more about Shozaburo Shimano’s history and the activities Shimano engages in to support the cycling community.

shimano 100 year anniversary
Shimano Sante Groupset

Throughout such a momentous year for Shimano, friends, and customers of Shimano are invited to take part in a global photo contest to share your most exciting and joyful experiences riding bikes. Running from March through September, the contest will be split into multiple rounds and will include different themes during each session. Prizes will be awarded throughout the contest including the limited-edition SHIMANO 100 WORKS photobook.

shimano 100 year anniversary
Shimano Osaka World Headquarters

More info about the photo contest can be found here:

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  1. Avatar tallbikeman

    Shimano has remained a powerful force for bicycle component groups for decades. Their dedication to excellence powers their company. I chose Shimano components for some of my components. Their derailleurs are especially good. They manage to give very good products at many price points. Even their lower line equipment works well. More power to this company and their products. I’ll honor them by buying more stuff from them.

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