Fact: I like riding Dirt and Gravel roads because…

Recently, we produced an article about why we (jokingly) don’t like riding Dirt and Gravel roads. Really, we do…

I like riding Dirt and Gravel roads because…

  • All of my mates do it.
  • It’s like free therapy,  but without the need to make an appointment – “I had a bad day at the office.” You didn’t empty the dishwasher.” Who cares!? Go for a ride and forget about that rubbish. Solo rides are pretty sweet too.
  • The roads are relatively free of vehicular traffic. Motorists generally don’t like getting the Bentley dirty.
  • The racing is awesome – friendly promoters who want you at their events – they may even shake your hand – this is almost unheard of!
  • You can finally sleep at night after discovering what lay down that dirt and gravel road you’ve driven / ridden past 1,000 times.
  • Even the really good gravel racers talk to you.
  • If you puncture a tire (tyre) at a race, its pretty normal for people to stop and offer help.
  • The scenery.
  • There is more to life than riding bicycles around parking lots.
  • Traveling to a race with your mates usually involves funny stories, bad jokes and bad singing. Sometimes people stink out the car (not JOM).
  • Cheap Hotels Part 1 – Jamming people into a cheap hotel room to save a few $ is fun – especially when it’s time to work on a bicycle at 9pm the night before a race – because someone’s cheap arse derailleur isn’t shifting properly.
  • Cheap Hotels Part 2 – Whoever drew straws for the air mattress usually gets the best sleep.
  • Cheap Hotels Part 3 – Whoever wakes up first gets dibs on the bathroom.
  • The bikes are cool. Everyone needs a CX bike with 28mm tires, a CX bike with 40mm tires, a CX bike with permanently mounted lights, and of course, a Monster CX bike.
  • There is usually beer post race – or ride. And most people we know love good beer.
  • The terrain and conditions can be very challenging. This goes far beyond the norm of what you’d see during your average road bicycle ride. Think epic.
  • There is always a good story afterwards. We usually write about those here on the website. Embellishing is OK too. Just as long as nobody has video.
  • So we have an excuse to consume excessive calories post ride – stuffing your face with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s is totally fine. Everyone knows that dirt and gravel roads take substantially more effort to ride!
  • It’s heaps of fun trying to drop your friends after you’ve been sandbagging – especially when you say, “I’m feeling like crap and totally riding easy today”, but soon realize you have awesome legs.
  • It’s great for skills development.
  • Awesome photo opportunities – mostly of scenery or your friends.

If we forgot anything, please chime in at the comments below!

My friends wheelsucking while I take photos… before they attack. Real nice.


  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    At least you admit you “try” (not succeed ) to drop us when you’ve been sandbagging.
    Anger is an excellent motivator. All will be assimilated.

    • JOM JOM

      K-Dogg is #1 sandbagger… and he milks his age. Did we mention he’s 60yo?

  2. Avatar David Jordan

    Another plus is that the local yokels, who normally like to buzz you at 60 mph, are too confused at the sight of you struggling down a sandy road to almost murder you.

    • JOM JOM

      Haha… it’s like… what are these lycra clad freaks doing on a $hitty road like this?

      • K-Dogg K-Dogg

        With all our night ride lights blinking 6′ in the air we
        are often mistaken for UFO’s like in Close Encounters.
        They pull off the road totally weirded out.

        And I am not a sandbagger. I am a stratigist…..and I really am over 60. You should
        cut me some slack punk!

  3. Avatar Peter Shouts

    If you do see a vehicle, and that’s rare, when a hand pops out of the window, all five digits are extended, not just one.

  4. I think you’ve mentioned everything good about it! It definitely is a different kind of challenge than other bikes but it does provide a unique experience.

  5. Avatar steve f lagg

    The solitude, I Iove the solitude, it gives me a chance to listen to those weird voices in my head……… “Nobody likes you steve f, that’s why you’re a LAGG” sigh!

    The fun of being totally knackered, even after a 2 hr slogg in mud or dust

    Getting lost

    Getting found

    The solitude, “You already said that, you idiot”

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