Southern Cross 2015 Race VIDEO

Earlier this week, Gravel Cyclist documented the stories of three lads who reside in Gainesville, Florida, and their experience at the 2015 Southern Cross Race in Dahlonega, Georgia. Now it’s time to present the race video, from the perspective of those lads – K-Dogg, Dr. Pain and JOM.

This isn’t our longest video, due to the difficulty of capturing useful footage in the challenging conditions. However, please enjoy the muddiest edition of the race this Gravel Cyclist editor has experienced, in the beauty of High Definition.

Thank you to Lee Henson Photography for the Youtube Thumbnail image.

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  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    High def mud-I love it!

    Nice film JOM.
    Go Pro needs to design automatic mud wipers for events like this.
    I’m sure Dr Pain would have loved a clearer image of him passing you on a descent for once.

  2. Avatar Cheryl Davis

    What an awesome video! Fun times in the Georgia clay! It looks challenging, for sure! Nice footage. 🙂

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