Dr Pain’s 10 Commandments of Riding Limerock & Sand

Dr Pain’s 10 Commandments of Riding Limerock: Match your speed to the harmonics of the washboard, then it will feel smooth.” “Never touch the brakes, you’ll lose momentum in the sand.” “Momentum is everything.” “That wet sugar sand is great!….like Portland cement.” “We’ll wait for everyone at the end of the limerock segments.” * “November […]

Training Ride 101 – Don’t bring a Knife to a Gun Fight

It was a lovely Tuesday evening, about 80 degrees fahrenheit, low humidity and temperatures forecast to drop into the high fifties overnight. Perfect conditions really, for an ad-hoc limerock / dirt / gravel ride here in Gainesville, Florida.  Typically, the night time limerock road CX Winterval / Hammerfests / whatever you want to call them, […]