Dr Pain’s 10 Commandments of Riding Limerock & Sand

283314_10151120617951135_1182309516_nDr Pain’s 10 Commandments of Riding Limerock:

  1. Match your speed to the harmonics of the washboard, then it will feel smooth.”
  2. “Never touch the brakes, you’ll lose momentum in the sand.”
  3. “Momentum is everything.”
  4. “That wet sugar sand is great!….like Portland cement.”
  5. “We’ll wait for everyone at the end of the limerock segments.” *
  6. “November is for riding easy.”
  7. “Those 32mm tires are just right for the sand.” **
  8. “300 lumen lights are fine, we don’t ride that fast on the limerock.” ***
  9. “Drafting doesn’t help much in the sugar sand.”
  10. “Don’t get behind K-Dogg in the deep sand, or Todd, or Fake Todd, or Gary, or Nature Boy Rob, or JOM. Always be at the front in the deep sand.”

* – This mostly happens.  Closing a 200 metre gap on a paved road after you’ve ridden your arse off on the prior “sector”, feels a bit rude.

** – Lies.

*** – More lies.



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