Featured Bike: Grava Bikes Maple Sally of Shawn Moore – Luna Cycles

Grava Bikes – “The origin story for most companies is a garage. Grava’s birthplace is a dirt road – Maple Sally Road to be specific”. Maple Sally Road is an 18 mile long gravel road that climbs, descends, twists and turns, over and over and over. JOM of Gravel Cyclist became intimately acquainted with this […]

Review: Grava Bikes – The Revenuer

Grava Bikes of Lenoir, North Carolina, is a company with a simple mission. Create ONE bike that shines in all three disciples of drop bar cycling; gravel, pavement and cyclocross. Grava accomplished this goal with their first machine, the Maple Sally, a full carbon machine that conquers all of the aforementioned terrain. For 2015, the […]

Darby Roubaix 2015 Race Report: by JOM

Darby Roubaix (April 12, 2015), formerly known as Tom Dula’s Revenge, is a bicycle race approximately 50 miles in length, along a course of dirt, gravel and paved roads, featuring a tough climb to finish things off. The race starts and ends at the fantastic Leatherwood Mountains Resort. For 2015, the torch was passed from […]