VIDEO: Unboxing the Litespeed ULTIMATE Gravel Bike – The Titanium Aero Gravel Bike

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew unboxes Litespeed’s Ultimate gravel bike, a machine that touts race bike agility, pack stability, ability to climb and descend with ease, and yes, aerodynamics – “the Ultimate do-it-all gravel bike.”

litespeed ultimate gravel bike unboxing
Spotted in stock form at Bikes & More, Gainesville, Florida.

“We’ve even added vertical compliance using tubular, aero, titanium tubes as subtle springs. The Ultimate Gravel is our lightest and most aerodynamic gravel bike offering.”

litespeed ultimate gravel bike unboxing
Litespeed Ultimate with Boyd wheelset & brown sidewall Panaracer GK’s.

This video in conjunction with


Link to Praxis Zayante Crankset Review.

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  1. Avatar Miniver

    Wasn’t there a review planned for the “penultimate” Litespeed Gravel Bike?

    • JOM JOM

      The only other Litespeed bike I have reviewed is the T5G.

  2. Avatar Walter

    Any initial ride impressions? Is the aero benefit real/noticeable, and has it impacted ride quality? How long before an “official” review?

    • JOM JOM

      Sorry Walter, I’m not going to post anything about the bike until the review appears. At least another month before the review appears.

      Thanks for the question.


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