VIDEO: The Honey Bee Stinger 100K 2016 – Hahira, Georgia

Saturday, February 6, four of the Gravel Cyclist crew congregated in Dr. Pain’s minivan to attend the 2nd Annual Honey Bee Stinger 100Km ride in Hahira, Georgia. Be sure to check out our ride report HERE.

A little later than usual, we present the ride video, in the beauty of High Definition (720p and 1080p)!

Thanks for watching!

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5 comments on “VIDEO: The Honey Bee Stinger 100K 2016 – Hahira, Georgia

  1. Thanks for the great video. Course looked pretty good despite some soft and wet spots. What was your ave pace for the whole ride? I think I saw the 168 hr ave which seemed awfully painful!

    1. 18.25mph which doesn’t sound like much, but there was a lot of resistance on that course – and a surprising number of hills… and wind!

      It was definitely a painful effort for me.

  2. Jom,

    As usual, just awesome, simply awesome!

    I know ‘envy’ is one of the seven deadly….., but mate, I wish my fellow Aussie riders here in C.V. would stop being so precious and come gravel riding with me…..oh well!

    Steve F

  3. That would be great…..if I’m not horribly lost by then on some obscure gravel road here in Oz…….you know my navigational tools! Damn google maps are never accurate.

    Btw, I found out that a woman’s body was recently dumped just near a great new course I’ve been riding lately……who said gravel riding was safe?

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