VIDEO: SBT GRVL – Steamboat Gravel, 2018 Course Pre-Ride – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

SBT GRVL aka Steamboat Gravel is coming to you on August 18, 2019. Starting and ending in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, this brand new event offers world-class, high altitude gravel with three race distances – 37, 100 and 141 miles.

There is something for every level of gravel racer and their families at SBT GRVL.

Visit for more information, registration, etc. Registration opens on December 4, 2018.

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew had the opportunity to pre-ride the 141-mile course during the last weekend of September 2018, on the bike, in a car, and high above the landscape.

Joining JOM were folks such as:

– Lauren de Crescenzo, women’s winner of the 2018 Crusher in the Tushar
– Amy Charity (link below to her book, The Wrong Side of Comfortable) *
– Mark Satkiewicz *
– Ken Benesh *
– Matt Charity
– A Kiwi bloke
– Eddie Rogers on a single speed
– Jennifer Leroy
– Drew Medlock
– Nate Bradley
– And one or two people whose names JOM doesn’t recall. Sorry folks!

* The 3-person team presenting SBT GRVL.

Link to SBT GRVL 2018 Press Release.

Link to Amy Charity’s book on Amazon – The Wrong Side of Comfortable

Thank you for watching!

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