Press Release: A New World-Class Gravel Race – SBT GRVL, Presented by Canyon Bicycles – Debuts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

sbt grvl steamboat gravel press release

Outdoor and Cycling-Industry Vets Debut 141, 100, 37-mile Gravel Races in Steamboat Springs on the Greatest Gravel Roads on Earth.

Gravel, one of the fastest-growing disciplines in cycling, experienced tipping-point growth in 2018, as exponentially more events, gravel-specific bikes, gear, components and content debuted this year than any year prior.”

“The momentum will be supercharged in 2019 with the debut of Colorado’s first gravel race event, SBT GRVL, presented by Canyon Bicycles, taking place in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado., August. 17 – 18, 2019.”

sbt grvl steamboat gravel press release

SBT GRVL offers world-class, high-altitude gravel with three race distances, showcasing the event’s commitment to inclusivity to all levels of gravel riders and their families.”

SBT GRVL will elevate the unmatched gravel roads surrounding the iconic mountain town of  Steamboat Springs straight to the world stage. The 141-mile gravel race anchoring the three-race weekend will be a challenging but beautiful course, and has already drawn the interest of gravel community members and pro racers Ted and Laura King, Amity Gregg, Yuri Hauswald, Payson McElveen, Neil Shirley, Kaysee Armstrong and Karen Jarchow, among many others.”

sbt grvl steamboat gravel press release

“The weekend will kick off with a group pre-ride of certain segments of the 141-mile course on Saturday morning, followed by a brand expo and demo day. Sunday is race day and SBT GRVL debuts what will be a global cycling draw for gravel enthusiasts. The event will end with a race day BBQ and down-home award ceremony.”

“Racers in the 141-mile course will climb a total of 9,000 feet and compete for a $28,000 prize purse, which will be equally divided among male and female racers across the pro and amateur field. In addition to the 141-mile race, a 100- and 37-mile option are offered, with 6,000, and 2,000 feet of climbing, respectively.”

sbt grvl steamboat gravel press release

“We want SBT GRVL to be an anticipated event, not just for elite athletes, but for all level racers, as well as their families,” says Mark Satkiewicz, one of the three partners presenting SBT GRVL. “It was important for us to offer a course for everyone, including those who don’t own gravel-specific bikes. You can race the Green course on any bike and get a taste of the incredible mixed terrain that Steamboat has to offer.”

sbt grvl steamboat gravel press release

“Satkiewicz, former CEO of Smartwool and avid cyclist with 25 years experience in the outdoor industry, is joined by SBT GRVL presenting partners Amy Charity, a former professional road racer and Executive Director of Biketown USA, and Ken Benesh, an elite cyclocross and mountain bike racer and Business Manager at Smartwool. The three are 100-percent committed to ensuring SBT GRVL will be well-known and revered for its inclusive and fun nature.”

sbt grvl steamboat gravel press release

Some of the most prominent brands in cycling have stepped up to sponsor the inaugural year of SBT GRVL. Canyon Bicycles is the presenting sponsor of SBT GRVL. Silver level sponsors include Stages Cycling, Smartwool, Panaracer, Primal, Orange Seal, Carmichael Training Systems, GU Energy, Mavic and Chamois Butt’r. Bronze sponsors include Split Nutrition, Steamboat Resort, and Celestial Seasonings.

Registration will begin Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018, but sign up here for guaranteed entry and a 20-percent discount code on entry for the race. A portion of all race proceeds will benefit local community organizations. See more information about SBT GRVL and registration here.


“SBT GRVL launches August 2019 as a world-class gravel experience committed to Beauty, Inclusivity, Family, Challenge and Fun. The event enables gravel fans of all ability levels to experience the unmatched gravel roads winding around and through the iconic, beautiful mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Riders are invited to push their abilities on three course distances ranging from 37 miles to 141 miles. Those seeking the ultimate challenge can saddle up to 9,000 feet of climbing on the Black 141-mile race course, destined to become a highly sought-after title for endurance gravel pros. The Blue course is a ‘best-of-Steamboat’ experience wrapped up in 100 miles and the Green course is a 37-mile introduction to the area’s unrivaled gravel roads. Come experience high-altitude gravel, a weekend full of events for the whole family and ranch-town hospitality at SBT GRVL.”

13 comments on “Press Release: A New World-Class Gravel Race – SBT GRVL, Presented by Canyon Bicycles – Debuts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

    1. Sorry Clayton, I am not privy to those details. I assume you’ve poked around on the SBT GRVL website?

      1. Yep, haven’t seen anything yet, planning on going unless it’s super expensive.

    2. Hey Clayton. Pricing is $200 for black, $150 for Blue and $75 for Green. We are offering 20% off if you sign up for email and register on dec 4. Hope that helps!!

  1. Awesome! We are so excited. We just added pricing to the registration page of the site as well as some of the many benefits you will get for racing. Thanks for coming and see you soon!

  2. Either of the shorter routes certainly sound doable but, I’m not sure how competitive I would be. Are they supposed to be true competitive races or open for all (aka DK 100)?

    1. Keith, I don’t know about you, but most of the events I do, I’m there to compete against myself. I’m certain the promoters are of a similar mindset… having fun, loving the scenery and company of others on the course.

      1. Totally agree. Both courses are for all abilities and will be a ton of fun no matter how hard you go. The whole weekend and the race day itself will be beautiful and you won’t regret coming!

  3. This looks pretty interesting, but I’m trying to figure out how they define what an “event” is, to be able to call it the first gravel race “event” in Colorado.

    1. Hey Jim. We are saying event because it is multiple races and full weekend of experiences for not only the racers but also their families. That is all and we just didn’t want to say it was a only a race. Hope that helps.

      1. Maybe just semantics, but from the definitions of ‘event’ that I just googled, seems like maybe not the best usage of the word. I’d be willing to bet the organizers of the other gravel races in CO could easily argue that what they put on was also “an event”.

        Either way looks like a good weekend and definitely on my radar!

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