VIDEO: Meadows Loop Gravel Ride: Via Goolwa, a Steam Train & Victor Harbor, South Australia

Continuing the tale of my 2017 / 2018 Australian Gravel Adventure, I began this ride in the small Adelaide Hills town of Meadows, South Australia.

From there, I rode to Goolwa to catch the Cockle Train, a heritage steam locomotive run by Steamranger Heritage Railway. The train’s terminus was at Victor Harbour, where I would enjoy a spot of lunch, before riding back to Meadows, along some very scenic and hilly, gravel roads.

Where else can you ride gravel roads of this nature, and ride a vintage steam locomotive, all in the same day?!

Link to T-Lab X3 Gravel Bike Review

P.S. Thanks to the staff at Steamranger for putting up with me toting cameras and bikes about the place 🙂

Thank you for watching!

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7 comments on “VIDEO: Meadows Loop Gravel Ride: Via Goolwa, a Steam Train & Victor Harbor, South Australia

  1. Beautiful roads and no traffic!

    Question: After the train engine spins around how do you deal with getting the passenger cars back on for the return trip? Are there two sets of passenger cars?

    1. I didn’t show the entire process… once the train has been turned, it then reverses to reconnect with the four passenger cars. Running steam locos solo, in reverse, is typically only for very short and slow movements, not actual passenger runs.

  2. Awesome, a gravel ride and steam train ride in one. Two of my favorite things also. Thanks JOM!

  3. I’m having a hard time with the train . If I stayed in my passenger seat for the return trip, would I now be facing the same way, or the other way?

    1. You’d be facing the same direction, but going in reverse. Only the locomotive is turned around. Don’t ask me how many times I rode that train to capture that footage 🙂

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