Video Interview: Mark Lynskey of Lynskey Performance Designs – Part Two

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew interviews Mark Lynskey, CEO of Lynskey Performance Designs, a company renown for their high-performance titanium bicycle frames. In Part Two, Mark discusses the manufacturing process and titanium tubing.

Check out our Lynskey Factory Tour Video and our review of the Lynskey GR250.

Part One of our interview with Mark Lynskey is HERE.

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  1. Avatar Tom in MN

    His cold work explanation gives the impression that a density change is involved, but it’s really the ability of the particles (in his coffee example) to move past each other (called plastic slip in metals) that changes. Cold work creates dislocations (flaws in the crystal structure) that make plastic slip require more stress to occur, hence it hardens the material. If any thing these dislocations add open spaces in the material, but it’s not measurable as a density *decrease* until much more damage to the material has occurred than you would want for hardening purposes.

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