VIDEO: Lynskey Performance Titanium Bicycles – Factory Tour

Mark Lynskey, CEO of Lynskey Performance, manufacturers of high performance titanium bicycle frames, gives us a behind the scenes factory tour of the frame production process from start to finish. Pardon the background noise, this is a factory environment.

Mark and staff, thank you for your time!

Lynskey Performance

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  1. Avatar Ben Arians

    So, what’s the logic behind a 6/4 Ti gravel frame? It would seem the qualities that the stiffer, harder 6/4 alloy provides would not be as desirable, or might even be counterproductive, in a gravel frame. Of course, tire and wheel choice will take care of a lot of the harsh ride. Curious to see the review when it is up, especially compared to the standard alloy GR250.

    • JOM JOM

      Thus far Ben, the BB area feels stiffer – but I have no way of measuring deflection at the moment, so it could all be placebo. I understand the point you are making. I am looking forward to racking up more and more miles / kms on this fine machine. Aesthetically, I absolutely love the top tube and down tube.

  2. Avatar Heffe

    The argument in the past has been that a stiffer, harder, more durable 6/4 tube set can be made correspondingly thinner and lighter to end up with a frame with whatever ride qualities you are looking for. I’m sure the JOM will let us know if that is indeed the case with this bike.

  3. Avatar Alan

    Thanks for the Lynksey tour. It’s good to see where my Urbano came from! It’s rolling great with 650B Byway’s.

  4. Avatar the real fred

    your mic situation totally sucks in this video. Otherwise, it is absolutely awesome and unique to see this factory at work! thanks JOM and Lynskey!

    • JOM JOM

      Care to make a mic suggestion? I used a directional mic… pretty hard dealing with all of the background noise. Lapel mics would have picked up everything.

      • Avatar the real fred

        while I am not a mic expert, I have always had great luck with Sennheiser’s products and they make noise canceling microphones. but, i dunno if the cost would be worth it to you, unless you go factory tour crazy.

        • JOM JOM

          Not likely to happen… expense is definitely too much.

    • Avatar Ben Arians

      Good observation about the mic, your avatar should be Captain Obvious!

  5. Avatar Yo Hans

    Wow, a complete disregard for safety in that factory. The CEO in sandals, multiple people not wearing safety eyewear.

    Suggests that product quality is also not highly regarded.

    • Avatar Heffe

      I’m sure that all is well in regards to safety or OSHA would be all over them.

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