VIDEO: Episode 2 – Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question!

Episode Two of “Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question”, can be seen below.

Questions in this episode:

  1. My stock wheelset is heavy. It’s great on flat roads but very slow when the road tilts uphill. What’s a good pair of wheels that won’t drain my kid’s college fund?
    In addition to the suggestions in the video, some good wheels to consider:
    (a) Hunt 4 Season Gravel Disc
    (c) Clement Ushuaia
  2. If I wanted to do a race with “some gravel patches”, but stick with using road tires – 25mm wide, etc – what tire pressure should I run and what can I do to prepare my bike?
  3. What gears are you using in general? In particular, details about the crank and cassette when there is a lot of elevation change.
  4. How is it that K-Dogg (61yo member of Team Gravel Cyclist) can ride so fast uphill, yet so slowly downhill? Please explain the mathematics and physics of gaining time uphill versus downhill.

Episode Three coming soon, post your questions here!

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  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    I am beginning to suspect that good reader GC Wannabe is an alias for a well known local gravel cyclist…he is definitely not from OZ…although probably descendent from involuntary residents of Van Daemond’s Land.

    K-Dogg would further respectfully argue the the issue is more that GC Wannabee needs to keep his pie hole closed between meals to gain climbing wattage.

    • JOM JOM

      “the issue is more that GC Wannabee needs to keep his pie hole closed between meals to gain climbing wattage” bwahahahaha brilliant!

  2. Avatar GCWannabee

    KDogg just proved he climbs by Dogg-dumb luck. Decreasing weight will not increase wattage. It will only increase the watts per kilo ratio.

    • K-Dogg K-Dogg

      ” I’m no scientist.” Florida governor Rick Scott.
      So what is ratio of pie hole volume to wattage per kilo?
      It “Pains”s me to know. Perhaps I need to ask a “doctor?”

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