VIDEO: 2019 GRINDURO! California: The Mayhem of Rain, Cold, Sun & Snow in One Day!

“A New Kind of Bike Race – In 2015 the Grinduro event concept was brought to life in a joint venture between Giro Sport Design and Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. SBTS were able to realise the dream of Grinduro and the rest as they say is history.” –

2019 grinduro california video

“The event is produced by Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship supported by Giro Sport Design, Rapha, Maxxis, Fabric and your event host Cannondale.”

2019 grinduro california video

For 2019, Grinduro! was turned on its head. Breaking from tradition came a last-minute course change, attributed to the wildfires that raged in the Plumas National Forest earlier in the month of September. On event day, September 28, 2019, riders raced almost every season of weather in just one day: rain, cold, sunshine and snow!

2019 grinduro california video

This is the longest-ever event video we’ve produced, but it was difficult to sum up the day’s happening in just eight minutes. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy all 14+ minutes of this epic adventure!

Grinduro California

A huge thank you to the following entities and people for making this trip and video possible:

There will be a review of the Roval Wheels and Titici bicycle coming later to the website. You can also check out my ride report from the 2019 Grinduro, here.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Super video of an awesome looking race JOM!
    Wish I was there…but not really. When you were suffering in the snow and rain I
    was in a lawn chair in my backyard enjoying the beautiful Florida sunshine.
    The single track sections reenforced my love of this Florida… at least most of the year.
    I’d WOULD do it on a fully shocked bike though with 34 X 36 grandma gear.
    I’m just sayin’

    • JOM JOM

      34 x 36 isn’t low enough Dogga… try 30 x 36.

  2. Avatar Adrienne

    This is primo. Thanks for sharing!

    • JOM JOM

      Adrienne, it is apparent to me you’ll attempt Grinduro on single speed at some point 🙂

  3. We was there, myself 6t under 1:1, wifey at 8t under 1:1, on pretty darn light bikes based on what the NICA kids were saying at the post event bike wash. My gearing was barrrreeeeeely enough to ride the whole course. For the wife a few teeth more on the back would have been nice. Although she was on her podium and I was 1 flat tire away from my age class, yeah, woulda coulda shoulda right haha! just throwing the results out there so you din’t think we are 40lbs over weight and riding a Mukluk.. The course has some truly hard parts ehhh JOM?! My wife’s opinion about bringing solid gravel bikes there was akin to bringing a knife to a gun fight. Based on most of the womens winners from fast to old, mtbs were their choices and with that brings some crazy low gearing and of course the cheater bar. Conversely, a big number of men on the planks were on drop bars and moderate sized tires. Personally I will jump up to 45 Ravager and go down the equivalent of 2t lower. Probably AXS mullet, so I can get the lower gear and not loose top end for Stage 2. If anyone has ever thought about doing this event, DO IT! it might not be KANSA, but it was a great mountain, awesome venue, friendly people, quaint town and the whole Grinduro ‘thing’ with 4 timed stages is a lot of fun.

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