VIDEO: 2019 Gator Grind Multi-Lap Gravel Race: Omaha, Georgia, USA

Part One of the inaugural Southern Brewery & Distillery Tour kicked off on October 5, 2019 at the Gator Grind, hosted by the Omaha Brewing Company and promoted by Jo Dirt Racing LLC. Omaha, Georgia, happens to be about 30 miles south of Columbus.

2019 gator grind jo dirt racing omaha georgia

Rusty and JOM of Gravel Cyclist made the trek from our respective parts of Florida to attend the inaugural edition of Gator Grind. Gator Grind differs from every gravel race we’ve ever ridden, but we’re certain there may be one or two on the calendar that follows this format.

2019 gator grind jo dirt racing omaha georgia

Rather than a huge loop to which there is no chance of quitting unless you call 911, your spouse, partner and so on, Gator Grind is all about laps… as many as you can ride in close to six hours. All handicam footage in this video by Rusty of Gravel Cyclist.

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