Tiny Pump to Inflate Gravel Tires? : CYCPLUS Cube Review

cycplus tiny pump review
CYCPLUS Packaging

CYCPLUS AS2 Tiny Electric Bike Pump

Weighing a claimed 97 grams sans cover, and measuring 1.81 x 1.1 x 2.52 inches, the CYCPLUS Cube / AS2 pump is small and lightweight. The small size lends itself well to carrying in a jersey pocket, or somewhere convenient on your bicycle. One-button operation to turn on, double-tap of the same button to begin the inflation process. Click here to BUY from Amazon.

CYCPLUS Cube Review Video

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Continued from Above:

Maximum air pressure is 100PSI and 5L/min wind speed allows the CYCPLUS Tiny Cube air pump to achieve rapid inflation, and reach 80 PSI in about 80 seconds with a 700c x 25mm tyre.

cycplus tiny pump review
Included: Manual, Micro USB C Cable, adapter for Schrader Valves


  • Rechargeable battery requires 20 minutes to charge fully. With a full charge, it claimed to inflate two 700c x 25mm tyres from 0 to 80 Psi.
  • Compatible with Presta or Schrader valves. * Claimed life of 200 inflation cycles.

Additional Photos

cycplus cube review
Info on the rear of the packaging
cycplus tiny pump review
cycplus tiny pump review
CYCPLUS AS2 Mini Pump / Cube
cycplus tiny pump review
This pump is diminutive, but powerful
cycplus tiny pump review
Fitted with Presta adapter, Schrader adapter is included
cycplus tiny pump review
USB C charging port

Inflation Photos (see review video above for the pump in action)

cycplus cube review
Inflating 700c x 43mm tubeless from 0 psi
cycplus cube review
Inflating 700c x 45mm tubeless from 0 psi
cycplus cube review
Inflating 700c x 25mm with tubes from 0 psi
cycplus cube review
Inflating 700c x 32mm tubeless from 0 psi
cycplus cube review
Pump being recharged with a small, flat-form Li-On battery

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  1. Avatar Mark Bates

    I have a very similar pump from Rock Bros (same price point). This one seems a bit more refined as the Rock Bros version has a bit of a projection whereas the version you reviewed is sleeker where the valve stem inserts. Otherwise the cases look identical even down to the silicon cover. If performance is the same, I would go with your reviewed version as it would be slightly easier to pack.

    • JOM JOM

      Thanks Mark, I’ve not seen that variant. The Aussie-made Fumpa is the only similar pump I’ve had exposure too. I hope to procure one of those for review later.

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