The Rodman Dam (Damn It) Ride VIDEO

For some strange reason, certain members of the Gravel Cyclist crew LOVE riding the Rodman Dam area (link to an earlier ride we did).  Maybe it’s the wide open roads with almost no traffic, or the tough sandy roads that test one’s power and bike handling skills?

Whatever it is, this is the third or fourth time we’ve ridden here, and the second video (first video is HERE) we’ve put together.  All filming by Dr Pain with some material here and there by K-Dogg.  JOM produced the video.

Please enjoy in the beauty of High Definition, courtesy of YouTube.

Thanks for watching!


  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Walk of shame = high tech Walk-About
    How was the lizard?

  2. Avatar Cheryl Davis

    Wow! I see you made it, to my neck of the woods. I`m very familiar, with this area. Miles and miles of long, sandy roads, for sure. A nice fun ride, though. The “walk of shame,” part. Years ago, that is where all the big 4×4 trucks and 3 wheelers, used to go
    Rooting, at. Big four wheel drive trucks had a hard time pulling, through there. The state came in and closed it off. Those were fun times. It is back to the land, now. I hike that area and camp. A lot of black bear resides there. I`ve encountered a few, watching me, as they were sitting above me, in trees! Cool place to get away and recconnect! Love biking through there, sometimes we bike and camp the whole weekend, during the winter months. 🙂 Nice post!

  3. Avatar Cheryl Davis

    FYI: There`s an old bar out there, it`s called “The 88 Store,” nothing spectacular but you can find a “cold” brew and a warm fire, to refuel your bodies! 😉 I often stop there, during my hikes and mtb ride, that beer, often gives me enough carbs, to get me back to my Jeep! 😉

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