The Flattest Gravel Ride? Bainbridge, Georgia & Beyond + Cows, Horses & More!

Approximately 100 miles / 160kms of mixed-surface fun beginning in the small Georgia town of Bainbridge. Bainbridge is a city in Decatur County, Georgia, United States, and is the county seat. The first European settlement in what is Bainbridge today was a trading post set up by James Burges in the late 18th century. The town was named after U.S. Navy Commodore William Bainbridge, commander of the USS Constitution (“Old Ironsides”), and was incorporated on December 22, 1829.

bainbridge georgia gravel cycling

As the title of this video suggests, this route is one of the flatter gravel routes I’ve ridden in Georgia. The biggest rise on the course is likely the bridge that crosses the Flint River on the outskirts of Bainbridge. The route passes through the small towns of Brinson, Colquitt, Donalsonville, and Iron City.

bainbridge georgia gravel cycling

The video features a comprehensive look at all of the towns mentioned, including scenery and animal encounters along the route. This route is quite open, which made for a challenging ride with the wind, and dry, sandy roads in some places along the course.

bainbridge georgia gravel cycling

However, considering this ride happened on Saturday, May 9, 2020, temperatures were quite mild. Please enjoy, there is much more content like this in the hopper!

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