VIDEO: The Clarendon to Strathalbyn, South Australia Gravel Ride – 2015

Yesterday, I wrote about my ride from Clarendon, South Australia to Strathalbyn and return, mostly on gravel roads.

As promised in that article, the video is now available for your viewing pleasure, in the beauty of High Definition.  I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to make comments, and ask questions.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Looks hot and dry…..perfect conditions. I see Austrailia has asshole truckers too.

    • JOM JOM

      The truck driver wasn’t a prick. In hindsight, I probably should have pulled off to the side of the road. But, it made for good video 🙂

      Weather was about 75F max yesterday when I shot the video, PERFECT. Today and tomorrow, a different story… 100F tomorrow.

  2. Avatar Jimmy O'

    Great riding, JOM. No mates to ride with? Those guys aren’t interested in epic road rides?

    • JOM JOM

      Not too many guys ride gravel here it seems…

      • Avatar Don

        Hi John,

        Stumbled across your site today, great reading.

        You are right that not too many folks ride gravel here, apart from perhaps on a mtn bike, but there are a few of us that get out on the road bikes (25/28mm tyres) and hit some of those roads you have been riding, such as the Saddle Bags-Razor Back road you rode recently. Its a classic and great fun.

        I see your doing a few rides with the pro group so you might not have time but, if you haven’t done it, I can recommend Blockers Road – Mawson Road that goes all the way through to the Fox Creek as a great little ride. With your gravel bike you will really enjoy it and you can make a few nice link ups around that side of town.



        • JOM JOM

          Don, thanks for the tips. I’m planning out another gravel road ride, so I will check out Blockers Road – Mawson Road the next time I’m playing with

          JOM (Jayson)

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