T-Lab Titanium X3-S Suspension & More: 2022 Philly Bike Expo

t-lab x3-s suspension review

Welcome to the next video of our coverage from the 2022 Philly Bike Expo! Read more about the expo here – https://phillybikeexpo.com

T-Lab Bikes – Montreal, Canada

About T-Lab: “We meticulously engineer, manufacture and finish every T-Lab frame out of our headquarters in Montreal, Québec. Our home is a place like no other: the most European city in North America, – one filled with old world heritage – Montreal also happens to represent one of the globe’s leading hubs for aerospace technology and manufacturing. Situated in a province that is buried in snow up to six months a year, but that has hosted two out of the three UCI World Tour events on the continent. A place with arguably the worst roads in Canada, that actually was named the best major city for cycling in North America.” – https://t-lab-bikes.com

T-Lab X3-S Suspension & More Feature Video

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In this video, JOM Of the Gravel Cyclist crew is joined by Rob of T-Lab bikes, for a rundown of the company’s newest edition of the X3, namely the X3-S Suspension and several other bikes in their range.

t-lab x3-s suspension review

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“Introducing a new generation T-Lab X3, setting a new standard for all-around, all-terrain performance. Faster on all surfaces. Enhanced comfort and versatility. Same bulletproof construction. This is the gravel bike to do it all and do it better.”

t-lab x3-s suspension review

t-lab x3-s suspension review
T-Lab X3-S gets 50mm of Tyre Clearance
t-lab x3.22 review
T-Lab’s Flagship X3.22 Gravel Bike
t-lab x3.22 review
JOM of Gravel Cyclist, a huge fan of the X3.22

More information available at the T-Lab Website

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