VIDEO: Sub 9 Gravel Grovel Race 2014

Sub 9 Gravel Grovel – The final race of the 2014 American UltraCX Series

Mother Nature’s Cyclocross race through the beautiful Hoosier National Forest and beyond.

This is not your typical road race, mountain bike race, or cyclocross race.  It is a combination of all three!  Read Gravel Cyclist’s race report here.

Race Video – Available in HD!


Thank You

To Tania the promoter and her team of volunteers for organizing the event, and my fellow UltraCX racers!

Video production by Gravel Cyclist.  We hope you enjoyed the video!


Gravel Cyclist Vimeo Channel

Due to some recent music copyright hassles involving Youtube, all future video content will reside at the new Vimeo channel:

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5 comments on “VIDEO: Sub 9 Gravel Grovel Race 2014

  1. nice song choice.. albumn version, hopefully will see you at Miami Gravel grinder 100k next year…

    1. John, are you running this event unsanctioned (my favorite kind of racing), or as a permitted USA cycling event?

  2. I read the report and now nice to see the vid.
    Oh, congrats on the Masters 3p overall in the series; who sez flatlanders cant ride hills!
    Cheers, Bill

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