Squid Bikes SO-EZ Tracklocross: The Pink Panther FIXED Gear! – Mixed Surface Machine

squid bikes so-ez tracklocross review

“Squid Bikes came into existence gradually, starting in the grassroots cyclocross community in Northern California. At some point, a group of cyclocross miscreants started spray painting bikes in their garages, and it felt good and right. Squid Bikes is about that savory, eyebrow-raising, chills down your spine good feeling when you create something and see the results. Paint your own bike, maintain your own trails, grow your community, and pass it on.” – SquidBikes.com

squid bikes so-ez tracklocross review

Tracklocross (SO-EASY / SO-EZ)

“People have been riding fixed gear bikes on unpaved surfaces for a long time. We’ve been calling it Tracklocross, but we certainly didn’t invent it. Initially, it was probably just called “riding a bicycle.” No matter what you call it, riding fixed gear bikes in the dirt is super fun.”

squid bikes so-ez tracklocross review

The Pink Panther Squid Bikes SO-EZ Video

Squid Bikes

“The SO-EZ is our tracklocross specific frame, with a geometry designed for off-road agility and sweet skids. The SO-EZ is a great way to add some extra tire volume to your fixed gear smashing and introduce some extra spice to your local trails. It’s not less sketchy than riding with brakes and a freewheel, it’s just a different way to ride. Free your mind and pedal, and then skid, and then keep pedaling. It’s so easy.”

squid bikes so-ez tracklocross review

This variant of the Squid Bikes SO-EZ belongs to Mark Fine of South Florida, who collaborated with Alpha Studios. What started as a basic concept, ultimately became what you see here, a Pink Panther-themed bike. Alpha Studios can help you with such projects, visit their website above or in the links below. For those unaware of the Pink Panther, check this link – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pink_Panther

squid bikes so-ez tracklocross review
Mr Mark Fine with The Pink Panther

Frame Features:

  • 4130 CroMo Double butted tubing
  • 135 rear spacing
  • 27.2 seatpost
  • 68mm BSA bottom bracket
  • 700×43 or 650bx47 tire clearance
  • 48T ring clearance
  • ED coated frame and fork
  • Drilled for long reach caliper brakes
  • 34/34EC headset (not included)

squid bikes so-ez tracklocross review

squid bikes so-ez tracklocross review

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