Ritte Satyr Steel Gravel Bike with Shimano GRX 1x: Unboxing & Features

Founded in 2009, I believe somewhere in Los Angeles / Southern California (please feel free to correct me, details on the Ritte website are scant), Ritte is all about “Bicycles for the fun and glory of all humankind.”

With that brief introduction out of the way, onto the company’s steel gravel bike, The Satyr.

“The road hasn’t always been paved. In fact, there haven’t always been roads. Or paths. Or tracts. Or trails. Somewhere along the way we became less rugged, more fearful of the woods and the desert. We became serious and conservative, riding for structured training rather than fun. It’s time to balance it all out – the racing, the training, the wooded adventures.”

Ritte Satyr steel gravel bike review

“The Satyr was a mythical forest creature known to the Romans as a woodland God (and a bit of a party animal), and it’s also the newest Ritte. The embodiment of fun and rowdiness, the Satyr was a man built atop the legs of a goat. And climb like a goat the new Satyr does. It goes down smooth too, with geometry influenced by Tom Kellogg’s years of designing frames for championship-winning racers mixed with his dirt riding prowess.”

Ritte Satyr steel gravel bike review

“Taking cues from our All-Road Phantom, the Satyr dials it up to 11. But you’d expect nothing less, this thing’s got horns! The Satyr clears a 700x43c tire to tackle tough terrain, but it turns in with an eagerness many road bikes can’t match. It’s equipped with a T47 bottom bracket and internal cable routing, to keep your cables protected through the harshest conditions. Flat mount disc brakes with thru-axles front and rear keep you in control. The Enve gravel fork upfront provides direct, confident steering input and comes in differing rakes to suit each frame size perfectly. The Satyr’s custom Reynolds tubeset is stiff where you need it, but tames the trail chatter in a manner that only steel can accomplish.”

Ritte Satyr steel gravel bike review

“From the dirt roads of the Berkshires to the backcountry trails of the Sierra Nevadas, the Satyr has been in testing all year proving its capabilities. It’s the bike that truly can ride right out the front door – road to trail it gallops along happily, easily earning its name.”

Ritte Satyr steel gravel bike review

“The Satyr is the wild side of your drop bar stable, just begging you to turn every ride into a party. Egging you on – “slide into that corner,” “jump those roots,” “send it down that chute.” Is it a gravel bike? You could call it that. We just call it a bike for fun (and glory).”

Tech Specs

  • Tom Kellogg design
  • Reynolds 725 tubing
  • Differing tube diameters & tube wall thicknesses selected for each frame size to deliver tuned ride characteristics across all sizes
  • Enve forks
  • Differing fork rakes selected for each frame size to deliver tuned handling characteristics across all sizes
  • T47 threaded bottom bracket
  • Full internal cable routing (including internal through the bottom bracket area)
  • Flat Mount Disc Brakes with clearance for 160mm rotors
  • Fender ready – mounting points front and rear
  • 3 bottle cage mounts
  • 43 mm tire clearance
  • 27.2mm Seatpost
  • IS42/52 Headset for 1 1/8″ (28.6mm) upper and 1.5 (40mm) lower

The build kit is Shimano GRX 1x mechanical, Hunt 4Season Gravel Disc X-Wide (check out our review of the original Hunt 4Season Wheels), WTB Venture 700c x 40mm tyres and Fabric Scoop saddle.


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  1. Nice, but not the first steel gravel bike you have reviewed. I remember that lovely stainless Quiring, built in 2013-4. It’s owned by that fine gentleman, Dr. Pain

    1. Aaah yes, but that wasn’t on video. Now, I need to feature that bike on video, because Dr. Pain’s bike was so far ahead of everything we’re seeing today, it could be considered a pioneer. Dr. Pain has been self-isolating, but he should really think about chucking his Quiring outside for an hour so I can film it… then disinfect after 🙂

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