Prologo AGX, EVA Women’s Saddle & More: 2023 Sea Otter

Prologo AGX Saddles

“Adventure, Gravel and Cyclocross meant for the outdoor and for those who desire to have a saddle comfortable under every aspect.” –

  • T-shape: More freedom of movements and positioning on the saddle thanks to a standard length. Designed to guarantee the highest level of comfort in the area where thighs rub the saddle.
  • MSS – Multi-Sector System: It provides different individual zones mapped and separated along the saddle, each composed of different interactive foams and single-cell padding. These areas work independently adapting to all the positions the cyclist can take.
  • Push and Pull: The foam follows the cyclist in the riding phase, supporting the leg thrust in both directions.
  • Active Base: The technology assures a saddle that is stable, safe, and secure in all-terrain conditions, by adapting to the rider’s movements. It also offers the benefits of an open shell but with a protecting cover.
  • Base Material, long carbon fiber: This material, in combination with the Nack/Tirox rail and the active foams, ensures excellent elasticity and vibration absorption for absolute comfort.

Prologo Saddles: Sea Otter 2023

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew visits Prologo at the 2023 Sea Otter Classic. Many thanks to the staff of Prologo for their time, and Lady Gravel Cyclist for the photos in this video.

Continued from Above:

Prologo Scratch M5 AGX

  • Measures: 250x140mm
  • Saddle weight with Nack rail: 172gr
  • Saddle weight with Tirox rail: 212gr

Prologo scratch m5 agx review

Prologo Dimension AGX

  • Measure: 245x143mm
  • Saddle weight with Rail in Nack: 170gr
  • Saddle weight with rail in Tirox: 185gr
  • Saddle weight with Rail in T4.0: 228gr

Prologo Dimension AGX review

Prologo Scratch M5 AGX Space

  • Measures: 250x147mm (+7mm width & +2mm padding)
  • Saddle weight with Tirox rail: 201 gr

Prologo Scratch M5 AGX Space review

Prologo Akero

  • Measures: 255x150mm, 225gr

Prologo Akero review

Prologo Scratch EVA (For Women)

“For years Prologo has studied the anatomy of the female body, working closely with top UCI Women’s Worldteam and UCI Women’s Continental Team, with one ambitious goal: to ensure that every woman could ride like a true champion.”

  • Measure: 250x140mm
  • Saddle weight with Rail in Nack: 183gr
  • Saddle weight with rail in Tirox: 232gr

prologo eva saddle review

Prologo Scratch NDR

“Born out from close collaboration with professionals of 8 MTB teams technical supported by Prologo, the Scratch NDR is the off-road evolution of the already established Scratch M5. A new saddle with racing DNA, designed specifically to compete and win in Cross Country and Marathon races at the highest level.”

  • Measures: 250x140mm
  • Saddle weight with Nack rail: 166gr
  • Saddle weight with Tirox rail: 217gr

prologo scratch ndr review

prologo ndr saddle review

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