VIDEO: Pisgah Monster Cross 2014 Race

Viewers, the Pisgah Monster Cross 2014 race video is now LIVE – WATCH IT IN HD!

Thank you to K-Dogg, our roving racer and reporter.  He filmed this race, with JOM providing the video production.  For those not in the know, K-Dogg is a 59yo athlete from Gainesville, Florida.  He ain’t no #oldguy!

JOM was unable to attend this year’s event, as he was gallivanting around Interbike with his friends from American Classic.  JOM’s quite happy about that, because this was the anti-clockwise running of the race; the harder direction.  Seventy miles, 11,000 feet of climbing, over 40 miles on gravel.  Brutal.

For those of you who’d like to learn more about this difficult Ultra CX race, check out the 2014 ride reports, here on the site:

1. K-Dogg’s tale.
2. Dave Jordan’s tale.

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    Can someone please send me an email address as I would like to talk with you about linking up for rides.

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