oversized dork disc


You might have noticed the past few years, cassettes have been getting bigger and bigger in size. The example in this video is a 10-44 ratio, but there are 10-52’s out there, and we’re certain we’ll see a 10-62 launched sometime in the future?

oversized dork disc
JOM with Oversized Dork Disc

Lagging behind all of this cassette development is the venerable spoke protector, or “dork disc” as it commonly known. Many of today’s range of spoke protectors are designed to complement smaller cassettes, but the crew at JOMerica Corporation has noticed this glaring hole in the market, and developed a solution to this problem.

oversized dork disc
Sample Installation of Oversized Dork Disc. Has many uses!

JOMerica Corporation presents to you, the Oversized Spoke Protector / Oversized Dork Disc – For Oversized Cassettes! This amazing bit of kit is compatible with every modern drivetrain, including 1x or 2x! Depending on how it it mounted to the rear wheel, it can also serve as a lunch platter, for those times you remove your rear wheel for a mid-ride lunch break.

Oversized Dork Disc Hot Product Video!

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Above all, do take note of the release date of this video, sense of humo(u)r required 🙂

oversized dork disc
Provides AERO Benefits + Wheel-Off Lunch Serving Tray

Additional Photos

oversized dork disc
Works with ANY Drivetrain!
oversized dork disc
Looking spiffy on this SRAM XDR compatible wheel!

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  1. Avatar T W Blair

    Happy April Fool’s – good one!

  2. Avatar David

    Doubles as a crosswind detector!

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