My Gravel Bike IS NOT UCI LEGAL: Version 1

There’s been a lot of chit chat in the media of late concerning the UCI and USA Cycling, who have been sticking their noses into the world of gravel cycling… where 99.9999999% of fans of my website / YouTube channel and Instagram account, feel such entities / organiz(s)ations aren’t wanted, needed, liked too much and so on.

uci illegal gravel bike

The UCI and USA Cycling have a long history of bollocks rules and regulations concerning bike design, categories and other stuff. In gravel, there aren’t too many rules, and barring the exception of aero bars at one or two races, ANYTHING GOES… and that’s how we like it!

uci illegal gravel bike

Therefore, it was natural that I should assemble my Version 1 concept of a UCI Illegal gravel bike. 700c / 650b wheels definitely belong together, as does a dodgy home-made disc wheel cover… and clip-on aerobars… and other stuff. Version 1 is tame… Version 2 could be more controversial…

uci illegal gravel bike

uci illegal gravel bike

uci illegal gravel bike

Remember, this video is meant to be fun, don’t get all bent out of shape and grumpy poo poo pants. Thumbing up the video is the best option 🙂 More serious videos are in the production hopper… thanks for watching!

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3 comments on “My Gravel Bike IS NOT UCI LEGAL: Version 1

  1. Way to go JOM. Keep Gravel grass roots!
    The pros are welcome to beat up on us fun loving amateurs as long as we can attend
    smaller, more casual events without being sanctioned by UCI or USACycling
    trying to monetize gravel or to fund only olympic or euro pro interests.

    So please treat all participants equally in the lottery, exclusive feed zones and
    at roll up. After all, I’m sure all the beautiful people want the same
    experience as the rest of us.


    Eff that!

  2. You are right to fear the big boys coming in and trying to control all these off road races and their prize money. It’s always about the money.

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