Minivan Camping for Cyclists: Simple & Safe

minivan camping for cyclists
Heaps of room inside for Sleeping & Gear!

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In the video below, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew demonstrates his super simple, safe, and easy to use, Minivan Camping setup for Cyclists. This method involves zero construction of wooden structures that ultimately require you to store them somewhere. Less than convenient.

Minivan Camping for Cyclists

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Continued from Above:

Two adults can sleep inside with their bikes, all while retaining excellent MPG properties as this configuration does not rely on a hitch rack. This setup applies to any minivan, provided their rear / centre seats can be removed or stowed.

minivan camping for cyclists
Two bikes & wheels stored, stacks of room

The minivan in this video is a 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, “America’s Only Plug-In Hybrid Minivan”. To date, the ownership experience of this vehicle has been absolutely stellar! See more about this van in the links below.

minivan camping for cyclists

Above: EGO Nexus Power Inverter, awesome! Heaps of storage space in passenger footwell area.

minivan camping for cyclists

Above: Powers all manner of devices, including laptops & full-size household items.

minivan camping for cyclists
Drivers seat / footwell, tons of storge in “sleeping” configuration
minivan camping for cyclists
Plenty of storage space for small items
minivan camping for cyclists
The Van in “Travel” mode
minivan camping for cyclists
So much flexibility with a Minivan

minivan camping for cyclists

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