VIDEO K-Dogg’s L’Eroica Ride Experience 2014

From the L’Eroica website.

“L’Eroica is a foundation whose purpose is to safeguard the heritage of the white roads of Tuscany.

These romantic ideals gave rise to the idea of the cycling event born in 1997. At the start, at the time, there were 92 “hunters of feelings and emotions”, but now Eroica is an example of environmental sustainability, sustainable lifestyle, of clean cycling which indicates the future by looking to the past.”

This video excerpt, relives four minutes of an eleven hour journey, across the white roads of Tuscany, Italy.  K-Dogg (Kerry Duggan) and his wife, Mrs K-Dogg, made the trip from Gainesville, Florida, USA to attend this momentous event.

Enjoy the video in the beauty of High Definition.  K-Dogg’s L’Eroica ride report.


K-Dogg at the Finish

K-Dogg at the finish of L'Eroica 2014, 204 kilometres.
K-Dogg at the finish of L’Eroica 2014, 204 kilometres.

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  1. JOM You have talent. Another great vid and another great choice of accompanying music. Cheers mate!

    1. Thanks for the kind words mate. This event is *only* fitting of classical music, in my humble opinion.

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