Iron Cross XII 2014 Race Video

Witness the 12th running of Iron Cross, held in the Michaux State Forest in Pennsylvania, through the camera lens of JOM and Gravel Cyclist.

For the best viewing experience, watch the video in the beauty of High Definition.

Also, check out JOM’s Iron Cross XII Race Report.

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11 comments on “Iron Cross XII 2014 Race Video

  1. Hurrah! Your best yet!
    The frantic music perfectly matched the frantic video and terrain.
    Two paws up!

  2. Thanks dude! I spent 45 minutes last night agonizing over the music choice… first world problems 🙂

  3. JOM so glad you made it to PA. and hand a decent day with bad legs. Thought after our conversation in Vermont you would not make it? Keep up the good work and good luck in Indiana!!

    1. Daniel, I procrastinated until almost the last minute before I committed to this year’s race. I’m clinging to the hope I can finish in the Top 10 for Masters 40+ in the Ultra CX series. Looking forward to Indiana, it will be the first time I visit the state, and snow is a possibility. What fun!

    1. Hey Andrew,

      By all means, please directly link to my blog. This blog is all about spreading the word about growing gravel cycling / racing!


    1. Hey Chris, I’ll be there at Sub Nine. I’m hoping it won’t be snowing during the race… that would be a first for me.

      1. We can only hope the flakes won’t be flying! Hopefully, it will be slightly warm and sunny haha (in our dreams)

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