1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Nice, tight editing JOM. Glad we had so many cameras to contribute. I vote Rusty
    be elected permanent ass cam since he did such a great job filming the past while riding the future. (translation: he was the strongest so stayed up front more)

    • I agree, the final product was very good especially the music selection. Should I play off Kramer from Seinfeld and get a license plate that reads “ASSCAM”?

        • Thank you JOM for helping me answer my own question. I’m going to stick with BykRydr.

  2. Avatar Terry Meeks

    I got your site from my son, Mike Meeks. I enjoy what I read and view. I’m 68 and ride a cross bike about 80 to 100 km per week. Please add me to your update list. Thanks

    • JOM JOM

      Hello Mr Meeks, and thank you for taking the time to read our humble website.

      Unfortunately, only you can subscribe yourself to our blog / update list. But, it is very simple to do so.

      Visit the website as usual. On the right side of the site, you will see sections such as “Follow on Social Media”, then “Site Supporters”. Another two entries down is “Subscribe to Blog”. Enter your email address there and click the Subscribe button.

      Thank you!

  3. Avatar Limerocker

    Hey K-Dogg,

    How do you like the suspension fork on your Monster Cross Bike? I am in the “build phase” of my Monster Cross and am trying to decide which way to go with the front fork….. suspension or rigid. Appreciate any input from the Gravel Cyclist crew!

    Eric Limerocker

    • JOM JOM

      Eric, K-Dogg isn’t the guy to ask, he’s a complete luddite with bike stuff 🙂

      I went rigid with my bike and have zero regrets. I have clearance for up to 2″ tyres, when run at 30psi, offer all the suspension comfort I need. K-Dogg has already found the suspension bobs, even when locked out. Not a good trait in my opinion.


      • Avatar Eric

        Hey JOM,

        Yes, that luddite thing is hard to shake! Although I do notice progress – he has taken a leap from the Motobecane to a Monster Cross bike :-). Thanks for the advice. I will build her out with a rigid fork. I also notice that Dr. Pain runs a 48/34 crankset and you run a 40/28. What chain ring sizing do you suggest? I know you encounter some gnarly climbs, but my biggest climbs will be the Flappalachians when I am visiting Gainesville. Appreciate your input.


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