Framework Bicycles: New Project Bike

framework bicycles gravel bike review
Framework Bicycles Custom Gravel Bike

“The only parameters that matter, are yours.” –

framework bicycles gravel bike review
Wound-Filament Carbon

“The heart of our process is a deeply integrated CAD/CAM system which links a parametric model of your bike to our CNC mills to carve with precision not possible from the competition.”

framework bicycles gravel bike review
7076 T6 Aluminium Lugs

“This means that from the moment we understand your ideal geometry and riding goals, we can design a fully bespoke and editable model within minutes and iterate on it rapidly.”

Framework Bicycles: New Project Bike Video

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew provides a quick look at the standout features of a new gravel bike project; custom Framework Bicycles gravel bike. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting bespoke project bike!

framework bicycles gravel bike review
Plenty of Mounts

Continued from Above:

Precision that’s not Run of the Mill

“Our aerospace-certified CNC background allows us to take processes trusted in industries with the highest expectation of accuracy and scale them to craft your bicycle and components from scratch, fast.”

framework bicycles gravel bike review
LOVE these dropouts

Aerospace Aluminium, for real: 7075-T6

“It’s a term that’s thrown around a lot. But our lugs are made from aluminum sourced from traceable aerospace mills, so we stand by its quality. On top of that, its grain structure & tempering make it ideal for the conditions our bikes are destined to be used in. ”

framework bicycles gravel bike review
Disc Caliper Mount

Filament-Wound Carbon Fibre

“Winding our tubes in-house allows for unfettered control over fiber selection, orientation, profile, resin and ultimately, for you – control over how your bike responds to your input. We’re not limited by off-the shelf weaves and pre-preg resins that lead to one-size fits all framesets.”

framework bicycles gravel bike review
Carbon is wound in-house at Framework

The Beads that Bind

“Joined with aircraft grade resins that meet standards unheard of 10+ years ago and microspheres that ensure perfect centring, alignment and protect against galvanic corrosion.”

Additional Photos

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