First Look: Industry Nine Introduce SOLiX Road & Gravel Wheelsets & Hubs

industry nine solix sl review
Industry Nine Solix SL 45, one of many new wheelsets

Industry Nine, manufacturer of hubs, wheel systems, and components, unveils the first products in the all-new SOLiX range of wheel systems and sets new performance standards for drop bar riders.

industry nine solix sl review
Beautiful Solix Rear Hub

The SOLiX line is offered in two distinct hubs and spoke configurations, tailored for specific riders and terrain: SOLiX SL, for those who want to go further, faster. and SOLiX G, for riders looking to take the unpaved road less traveled.

industry nine solix sl review
Front Solix Hub

SOLiX SL Wheelset & All New AR40 Rims – For Road & Fast Gravel

“The SOLiX SL collection introduces itself as the highest-performing lightweight road and gravel race wheels from i9. It’s a platform designed for riders striving to go further, faster – the only limits being their aspiration and imagination. These wheelsets are engineered to minimize drag, addressing everything from the mechanical aspects like the pawl and drive interface to aerodynamic elements.”

industry nine solix sl review
Solix SL 45 Wheelset is under Review

“This includes CFD-designed rims and straight-pull Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes anchored in the lightweight, minimalist SOLiX hubs. Riders looking for extra flair can select 11 anodized hub colors, and nine spoke nipple colors from the custom wheel designer.”

industry nine solix sl review
Hooked Carbon Rims

“The Line of SOLiX SL Wheels features a full array of profiles to match climbing, aero, or mixed terrain applications; the SOLiX SL range has road, gravel, or cyclocross riders well equipped.”


  • Hole Count: 24
  • Wheelset Weights starting at 1270g
  • Engagement: 605 P.O.E Or.59 Degrees
  • Axle Specs: 12×100 Front | 12×142 Rear
  • Freehub Body: Sram Xd-R | Shimano Hg | Shimano Ms-R | Campagnolo N3w
  • MSRP (Starting At): Alloy $1295/Set | Carbon $2295/Set

SOLiX SL 45 Wheelset Preview Video

Alternative Video Link for those reading via email subscription.

In this video, a quick look at the standout features of the all-new SOLiX SL 45 Wheelset. Unfortunately due to supply?, we did not receive a sample of the AR40 wheels, as seen below.

The All-New AR40 Wheels

“The wide aero design of the AR40 features a 25mm internal width and a 35mm external width, providing an ideal setup for tires ranging from 28c to 34c, ensuring full aero advantages and an optimal airfoil shape. Moreover, this design extends its aero benefits to tires up to 40mm wide, making it versatile for any terrain and tread choice.”

industry nine ar40 review
Unfortunately, we do not have this wheelset in for review

“This 40mm profile is optimized to minimize side forces during crosswinds, enhancing overall handling performance and making the AR40 a reliable choice for all conditions.”

industry nine ar40 review
AR40 Rim Profile

“The hooked rims not only permit higher tire pressures, mitigating blowoff risks associated with hookless rims but also allow for a lower bead wall height compared to hookless road rims. Thanks to the 4mm wide bead wall further reduces the risk of pinch flats by dispersing impact force over a broader area. Lastly, the high-impact strength of the layup is tailored for gravel applications, reinforcing the wheel’s ability to withstand impact forces and sustained abuse on rough roads and trails.”

industry nine ar40 review
Industry Nine AR40 Wheelset

SOLiX G Wheelsets – For Gravel Adventure

“The SOLiX collection offers the most adventure-worthy and fully customizable gravel wheel from i9 – the platform of choice for riders who want connected handling, superior stiffness-to-weight ratio compared to traditional wheels and unparalleled aesthetics. These wheelsets excel on backcountry routes and on gravel routes thanks to tech borrowed from the MTB realm.”

industry nine solix g review
SOLiX G Wheelset

“The unique straight pull, one-piece aluminum spokes directly thread into the SOLiX hub flange, providing a responsive ride quality not found on common gravel wheels. Furthermore, the hubs and spokes are available in 11 anodized colors, inviting riders to configure their dream wheels via a custom wheel designer.”


  • Hole Count: 24
  • Wheelset Weights Starting at 1320g
  • Engagement: 605 P.O.E Or.59 Degrees
  • Axle Specs: 12×100 Front | 12×142 Rear
  • Freehub Body: Sram Xd-R | Shimano Hg | Shimano Ms-R | Campagnolo N3w
  • MSRP (Starting At): Alloy $1405/Set | Carbon $2395/Set

SOLiX Hubset – For Road, Gravel / Cyclocross

“At the heart of SOLiX Hubs is a continuously-phased five-pawl freehub seamlessly ​integrating with a 121-tooth drive ring with a whopping 605 points of contact, translating to an ultra-fine .59° engagement. Crafted from A2 tool steel using precision wire EDM cutting, the pawls and drive rings are engineered for maximum durability.”

industry nine solix hubset review
Industry Nine SOLiX Hubset

“Industry Nine reduced pawl rotation and spring pressure, optimized drive ring diameter, and changed the contact seal layout, bringing resistance and freewheeling noise to a minimum. This all culminates in faster engagement and lower friction, paired with enhanced durability.”

industry nine solix hubset review
Pawls & Springs


  • Hole Count: 24| 28
  • Engagement: 605 P.O.E or .59 degrees
  • Axle Specs: 12X100 Front | 12X142 Rear
  • Freehub Body : SRAM XD-R | Shimano HG | Shimano MS-R | Campagnolo N3W
  • Weight: Front 110g | Rear 223g
  • MSRP: $695 pair

Learn more about the SOLiX range at the Industry Nine Website

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